Herbalist’s Primer

A guide to real-world magical plants.

A mix of ethnobotany, folklore, green witchcraft, occult, and science.

A fully-illustrated, thoroughly-researched resource for writers and world-builders.

An all-in-one book for druids, healers, alchemists, and poisoners—perfect as an in-world item and applicable in all fantasy (and most modern) settings.

A system-agnostic toolkit for game masters everywhere, complete with tips on including the plants in your campaigns—and creating new, exciting pieces of flora.

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What is Herbalist’s Primer?

A double-page spread from the Herbalist's Primer, showing an illustrated entry on Angelica.

A well researched, comprehensive guide to real-world magical plants. Every entry lists—if possible—their culinary, medicinal, magical, and poisonous properties. It includes basic botanical information, a handy scale reference, commonly used names, and a short description, so there’s no need to read the whole thing if you’re just browsing for inspiration!

We have chosen the most interesting magical plants of the world’s folklore, from Arctic to Cape Horn (if you have any suggestions for Antarctic, let us know!). We’ve read numerous herbaria, and took a deep dive into the planet’s biodiversity.

And now we can bring it all to you: nicely organized for your convenience and fully illustrated!

Thanks to Exalted Funeral, it will be published via Kickstarter. You can expect professional handling of print and distribution!

So what is it supposed to be?

Herbalist’s Primer is going to be a book. A 300-page long, once we get it written and illustrated.

In short:

  • 100 illustrated, detailed description of magically-inclined plants from around the world;
  • short, sweet, and useful lore chapters on botany, herb gathering, preparation, basics of alchemy, antidotes, and more;
  • recipes for magical and medicinal concoctions, written in-world and in accordance with occult lore of the ages past (mix aconite with animal fat, then rub it on a broom handle for an excellent flying experience!);
  • tools for creating original magical plants and a botanical Latin primer to give your custom, fantastical plants a semi-proper scientific name;
  • index, table of contents, references, bibliography—everything you’d expect from a pseudo-scientific publication that will make your wizard’s nerdy mouth water.

You’ve mentioned pictures…?

We did! The whole book will be illustrated in a classic style known from botanical textbooks and herbals of previous centuries. Think ink and watercolors! We’re basically talking this:

A hundred of those. Hand-painted and made just for you. And for everybody else who will pick up the book.

How can I support you?

We’re sooooo close now! You can sign up for notifications on Kickstarter, as we’re figuring out the last details of the campaign.

You can support the project through Patreon, unlocking access to all the illustrated spreads, lore chapters, and art (with a commercial license for use! Yes, you can use the drawings as spot art in your projects!) as soon as it’s done—and helping us focus on writing and painting instead of working on other people’s projects.

As a bonus, you’re also getting a monthly PDF from our series of Globetrotter’s Guides to Greenery, a monthly Wayfarer’s Deck, and any other material we come up with

It’s a win-win situation: we get to work on the thing we love, you get to have it sooner in your hands.


What else you’ve got?

We’ve got something that’s ready and waiting for you to pick it up!

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