Comprehensive services to bring your idea to the gaming table.

Do you need somebody to bring your RPG project to life? Does your future best-selling fantasy novel need somebody to take a look (and a red pencil) at it? Does your idea for a bestseller need somebody to actually write it, and then prepare it for publishing? Have you decided your new range of 28mm heroic miniatures could use some pretty packaging?

We’re a two-person team offering a full book- and game-making service package.

From book layout to card design, posters, leaflets, packaging, and marketing images, we’ll make your game as visually stunning as it deserves.

And believe us: it deserves the best.

Stuck for inspiration? Need somebody to write you a story, come up with adventures, flesh out the characters, help you build the world, or ensure the rules are top-notch?

Putting the right words in the right places is what we do.

Working with Anna exceeded my expectations! Not only were her technical design skills excellent, she was a pleasure to work with. She took real ownership over my project and I felt like she was my partner throughout the entire process from the very beginning to the very end. She was diligent, organized, responsive, and forthcoming with excellent suggestions and recommendations. I could not imagine having chosen a better person for my project!

Kevin Ferrone, Wider Path Games

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