Aphelion Toolkit

An upcoming robust tabletop RPG ruleset creating a smooth gaming experience adjustable to your table’s needs. Use simple mechanics and algorithms allowing for endless complexity and make your own game in no time.

Aphelion Toolkit facilitates your game and desired setting while minimizing the preparations needed before the game – or even eliminating the role of a game master entirely.

Aphelion Core Toolkit. An easy to learn, intuitive, and modular game system, suitable for any setting. Coming soon!

Aphelion Toolkit in a Nutshell


Low floor and high ceiling – the rules are easy to pick up but the options for crunch are endless


Pick and choose elements that fit your game. Swap and adjust without unbalancing anything


Step-by-step guides and flowcharts will take you through the whole process, no GM fiat needed


System of cards, pools, and grids reduces the bookkeeping. All your options are right in front of you!

What can it do for you?

This Toolkit provides all rules needed for play and procedurally generating your game on the fly. It includes all the basic information on which the game’s engine is constructed, as well as detailed guidelines and how-tos. With it, you’ll be able to make any kind of settings, characters, items, and games imaginable in a quick and easy way.

It does not come with a setting of its own, so you’ll need to input your game’s naming conventions and other details as you go – which you can do as you play together as a group, or rely on a GM to provide narrative framing.

We built the mechanics on sets of cards and step-by-step creation guides to unburden the narrative from preparation constraints and allow for easy and balanced improv. We give the players more agency by putting tools to create the abilities and gear in their hands. Running the game on Aphelion Toolkit lets you create, adjust, and improvise encounters and entire rulesets on the fly without needing to pause the action for long. The cards and guides create a low entry threshold, so you can start playing right off the bat. Just follow the tips and add a narration fitting to your game – either in one of Aphelion’s settings (Project Aphelion or Aurorae) or one of your own making. At the same time, the rules have lots of room for complexity and crunch – implement it into your games as you see fit.

How does it work?

Aphelion mechanics use nothing but:

  • d10 dice pools,
  • a ternary algorithm and convenient flowcharts,
  • resource pools (you use resources to perform actions and increase your chance of success – but they’re also your hit points, so balance it out!),
  • a hex-based grid (for physical movement and character development),
  • a choose-your-own-adventure team-based character generation,
  • a system of cards to keep an easy track of your character’s options and abilities,
  • rules promoting teamwork, player agency, and collaborative storytelling,
  • mechanics for on-the-fly generating stories, encounters, NPCs, campaign arcs, factions, intrigues, and whole worlds.
A photograph of a print-and-play hex grid made into a dice tray.
A prototype of the character development grid, with 6 Focuses of gameplay: Exploration, Deceit, Social, Investigation, Research, and Warfare. Use to track the progress of your character, generate NPCs and factions, create encounters and exploration challenges.

Aphelion Toolkit Core+

Aphelion Toolkit is fully modular. You only need the Core to play any fantasy, sci-fi, or historical setting, but it will require assembly using provided guides if you want to make additional items or Cards for yourselves. 

ATC will be accompanied by satellite Toolkits detailing and providing rules, guides, and Cards for specific areas of play, such as:

  • small and big scale combat 
  • heists
  • magic
  • herbalism and alchemy
  • trade and politics
  • vehicles, ships, and spaceships.

Each Toolkit is optional and can be combined with others in any way you want, letting you adjust the ruleset to the setting in which you play. We will be also releasing setting books, such as Aphelion and Aurorae, which come with all the required Toolkits providing tailored rules for them.


Soon™. We’re currently playtesting with two great teams, checking how the system works in vastly different settings: a modern X-Files investigation game and full-on fantasy Skyrim-type sandbox. Expect news very soon and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the progress of this project!

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