Conqueror is a battle add-on for tabletop roleplaying games, intended to expand on your game’s of choice large-scale battle mechanics and add flavor to them. Just like our previous add-on, Duelist, Conqueror is meant to work with your game, without replacing any of its systems. Many RPGs don’t come with ready battle rules, so Conqueror has a simple set of rules to play them out smoothly and without stalling the game – with them, you can describe the events on the battlefield overall.

Conqueror’s main meat isn’t big clashes of soldiers taking the spotlight away from the players – on the contrary, the guidance and rules in this booklet are tailored specifically to let the player characters and major NPCs shine, changing the outcome of battle through their decisions.

Conqueror has five major parts: the battle theater and armies, the battle eventsmajor characters, and grand strategy. You can use them right during the game, following the simple guidelines to create armies, heroes, and epic strategies on the fly during your game thanks to the decision dice, or use a Game Master fiat to choose what fits best to your ongoing game.

What’s inside?

  • Tips for mixing Conqueror with any RPG combat system
  • Rules for algorithmic decision making, initiative, and action order
  • Six battle theaters with specific objectives for attackers and defenders
  • Rules for hiring and maintaining armies, with a all-game compatible system of unit stats
  • Six formations for battle units
  • Rules for flanking, casualties, and routing
  • Battle Events system, allowing players and important NPCs to turn the tides of the battle
  • Rules and statistics for NPC heroes and troopers
  • Six battle cards for easy implementation of battle tactics
  • Empty Unit sheet and print-and-play tokens

Where can I get it?

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What’s next?

Conqueror is the second in the series of system-neutral add-ons by Double Proficiency. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

What else is there?

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