Geologist’s Primer

Geologist’s Primer is a guide to real-world magical gems, minerals, and metals.

A mix of geology, folklore, modern witchcraft, old-school alchemy, and science.

A fully-illustrated, thoroughly-researched resource for writers and world-builders.

An all-in-one book for explorers, collectors, alchemists, and enchanters—perfect as an in-world item and applicable in all fantasy (and most modern) settings.

A system-agnostic toolkit for game masters everywhere, complete with tips on including the minerals, rocks, metals, and gemstones in your campaigns.

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With a similar structure as Herbalist’s Primer, the new book will be a mix of geology, metallurgy, witchcraft, occult, folklore, and roleplaying games! I want this book to be a one-stop place for writers, game masters, and players.

We’re covering various aspects of geology as practically used in RPGs:

  • mining (methods, threats, opportunities, ways of finding precious metals and minerals)
  • blacksmithing
  • gem cutting and jewelry making
  • crystal magic (for healing, divination, and spellcasting)
  • stone magic (obelisks, sacred geometry, ley lines)
  • good, old-school alchemy (the gold-making one)
  • and, of course, 100 entries about more or less popular metals and minerals, with all their industrial, decorative, and magical properties.

To round things up, I’m also including a couple of materials that are not technically metals or minerals, but are either things that can be mined (fossils, ice, fulgurite) or are used in jewelry and widely considered gems (pearls, amber, ivory). They just fit!

What’s inside?

Plenty! 100 illustrated entries, each of them including:

  • full-color illustration
  • basic geological information
  • quick reference tabs
  • common varieties of the mineral
  • at-a-glance description
  • physical and chemical properties
  • notes on occurrence, extraction, and preparation
  • industrial and ornamental properties
  • in a few cases, culinary properties
  • magical and alchemical properties
  • sample magical item, with a page reference to the Magic Item chapter.

Here’s a sample!

The Kickstarter Campaign

We are partnering with Hunters Entertainment to bring you the second Primer in the series (and more in the future)! You may already know them from such games as Kids on Bikes, Alice is Missing, Gods of Metal: Ragnarock and Outbreak: Undead.

The campaign launches on 27th June 2023, and you can already sign up on the pre-launch page to get notified once we go live.

Watch this space for more info in the coming days! 💖💎✨

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