Writer, editor, game designer
Writer, editor, game designer

Jakub is a Polish-born writer, living in the middle of a Finnish forest. He has been writing and ghostwriting for over a decade, with his short stories and articles published in books, magazines, and games. His debut novella, Stars in Our Sails, was self-published in 2018. He is always writing, telling stories, or reading.

Always a fan of adventures and imagination, Jakub works mostly in the tabletop roleplaying and boardgame industries. He designs games and helps others bring theirs to completion. His short stories and worldbuilding bring life into game mechanics, flesh out characters, and inspire others to write stories of their own.

When not writing, he follows his passions, including archery, ancient history, and astronomy. He enjoys connecting with other writers and giving back to the writing community with his Wayfarer’s Deck project.

What is he writing right now?

Project Aphelion

Jakub is the main writer and developer of an upcoming tabletop strategy roleplaying game set in the Solar System in not that far future.

This project combines Jakub’s love of writing with his passion for physics and astronomy. An effect of thousands of hours of research, many hours of consultations with astrophysicists, Project Aphelion introduces science into fiction in an engaging, fun way. As Jakub likes saying, if the reader needs to get an MA in Physics just to understand your book, you’re writing sci-fi wrong.


Jakub has just finished writing and editing his first novel, Incitatus, and is currently looking for an agent.

Set in a hard-scifi world of the near future, after humanity colonized the entire Solar System, and technology blurred the lines between humans and machines, Incitatus tells a tale of youthful rebellion turned into a desperate fight for survival.

Shao’s yearning for freedom from the strict corporate protocol and responsibilities results in her and her crew being stranded on a decrepit ship full of dangerous prisoners, and an unknown presence threatening to take away everyone she holds dear.

Incitatus is a tense, character-driven thriller filled with conflicting interests, intrigue, and fear of the unknown, both in the outside world and inside the human mind. It explores transhumanist themes and the meaning of individuality and personal freedom.


Earthdawn: The Grand Bazaar

Jakub is currently working with FASA Games on a new book for Earthdawn Fourth Edition RPG: The Grand Bazaar. As a fan of the game, he’s delighted to be one of the two writers working on the project.

More information on the project will be shared as soon as legally possible. Meanwhile, why not look at the FASA Games website and see what Earthdawn is all about or read what Jakub’s co-writer, Michael Allegro, has written about the upcoming sourcebook.

Jakub Wisz is a wonderful writer. As a small publishing company, what is even better than his writing, has been his ability to work with our team. He has prompt communication and an excellent turn-around time. This adds together to create a priceless skill set. We are looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Andi Watson, FASA Project Manager

Other projects in development that Jakub would really like to talk about but he can’t *yet*

  • Blazing Aurorae – the main writer of a science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game and a stand-alone novel in a shared universe.
  • [Redacted] – the main writer of a tabletop roleplaying game about an alien invasion on Earth. Think X-COM meets X-Files.
  • SLAM Core – a co-writer of a superhero-style roleplaying game, responsible for mechanics and worldbuilding of the game.
  • Guardians of Fire – a narrative writer of a boardgame set in mythical ancient Persia. Jakub has written two adventure paths, loot and challenge cards, puzzles, and encounters for the game.

What is already there to read?

Three cards from the Wayfarer's Deck: The Frozen Wilds

Wayfarer’s Deck

A series of 50-card decks with writing prompts, wonders, mysteries, puzzles, and findings provides a convenient way of creating engaging situations for the book characters or players in a game.

The cards introduce a variety of encounters and don’t dictate the solutions. The writers, characters and players have a full agency to do whatever they wish. There are no stat blocks and no answers to the mysteries – just inspiration to write a story of your own.

Stars in Our Sails

Stars in Our Sails is Jakub’s debut novella, self-published on Kindle store in 2018. It takes place in the same world as Project Aphelion and Incitatus, but each project is stand-alone and doesn’t require knowing all of them.

A science-fiction thriller set in a colonized Solar System – a story about people dealing with their lives and issues while unwittingly tangled in a conspiracy threatening to destroy them. The crew must cope with the vastness of space, isolation and constant pressure, forced into a game the rules of which they don’t understand. Only their resolve and cooperation stand between the crew of the “Dauntless” and certain death – but can they really trust each other?

Adventure Tactics

Jakub has been hired as a writer to introduce the reader to the world of Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower. The boardgame creators, Letiman Games, wished to give more depth to the heroes and enemies of the game. Hence, three short stories have been written.

The first story introduces the protagonists and is full of friendly banter.

The second story uncovers the sinister plot of a scheming mastermind.

The third story turns the players’ world upside down, as they realize they’re not the only pawns of the prophecy.

The project on Letiman Games’ website.


The Miremash boardgame by Room17 Games takes the bunch of highly incompetent goblins into a swamp where they’re almost definitely about to die.

To make sure the goblins will not die in vain, Jakub has given them have distinct personalities and quirks. They’re not what you’d call ‘likable’… but you will remember them.

The Art of Miremarsh artbook, co-written by Jakub, includes descriptions of over twenty unique goblins, four heroic adventurers, four dwarven heroes, and dozens of locations, items, and magical effects.

The project on Kickstarter.