With over fifteen years of experience in writing and ghostwriting for books, journals, and games, Jakub is here to write some more.

See his latest projects:

Project Aphelion

An upcoming tabletop role-playing game set in the Solar System in not that far future.

The players take on the role of ship crews and factions making business, exploring and fighting over vast spoils of the Solar System in a realistic science fiction setting.

Stars in Our Sails

“Stars In Our Sails” is a science-fiction thriller set in a colonized Solar System – a story about people dealing with their lives and issues while unwittingly tangled in a conspiracy threatening to destroy them. The crew must cope with the vastness of space, isolation and constant pressure, forced into a game the rules of which they don’t understand. Only their resolve and cooperation stand between the crew of the “Dauntless” and certain death – but can they really trust each other?

Earthdawn 4e

Though the details are hidden under a carefully worded NDA, Jakub can say that he’s currently working with FASA Games on a new book for Earthdawn Fourth Edition RPG.

As a fan of the game for years, he’s delighted to be one of the two writers working on the project.

More information will be shared as soon as legally possible; meanwhile why not look at the FASA Games website and see what Earthdawn is all about?

Adventure Tactics

The ruthless Queen Domianne rules the kingdom of Astelia with an iron fist, but an ancient prophecy has emerged which threatens her reign. The adventure starts in your humble village and eventually leads to the seat of Domianne’s power, the peerless and ancient Tower of Greylock.

Three short stories written by Jakub are there to introduce you into the world of Astelia and discover the sinister plot brewing behind the scenes… Who knows, maybe the prophecy is not what it seems…?

The project on Letiman Games’ website.


The Miremash boardgame by Room17 Games takes the bunch of highly incompetent goblins into a swamp where they’re almost definitely about to die.

To make sure the goblins will not die in vain, Jakub has made sure all of them have distinct personalities and quirks. They’re not exactly likable… but you will remember them.

The Art of Miremarsh artbook, co-written by Jakub, includes descriptions of over twenty unique goblins, four heroic adventurers, four dwarven heroes, and dozens of locations, items, and magical effects.

The project on Kickstarter.