Welcome to Double Proficiency! Here’s a quick list of our in-house projects.
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Herbalist’s Primer

A system-agnostic tabletop RPG book on real-world magical plants. A mix of science, ethnobotany, folklore, and occult, all prepared and served as an in-game guide for herbalists, alchemists, druids, and game masters.

Project Aphelion

A hard scifi tabletop RPG with modular, easy-to-learn ruleset promoting teamwork and creativity in a setting of a colonized Solar System.

Denver 2055

An actual-play of Shadowrun game: a bunch of definitely-not-shadowrunners trying to stop their neighborhood from going to the dogs in 2055 Denver.
Currently on post-season-one hiatus!

In the works…


A space horror novel.
When a group of young employees of the Zhengdao corporations finds an artifact that may or may not be a dead alien, they find themselves right in the middle of conflicting interests of their bosses, the pirates, the Rangers, and some mercenary crews deeply interested in space archaeology…

A part of the Project Aphelion universe.

Blazing Aurorae

A space fantasy novel.
An imaginative adventure of exploration in the most unfamiliar circumstances. A dash of Slavic culture, a dash of cosmic horror, a lot of solar winds and vibrant aurorae dancing above the characters’ heads.