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Worldbuilding is fun. But unless you want to spend a decade rewriting your setting, it best to use well-researched materials from day one.

Worldbuilder’s Library is a collection of articles, books, zines, and decks written and illustrated specifically to help fellow worldbuilders create their universes.

Created by the team of writers, worldbuilders, and designers at Double Proficiency, the Library aims to cover all ground between the natural world, magic, folklore, technology, warfare, and best adventuring practices. Whether you’re in need of magical plants, engaging encounters, or are just fighting a writer’s block, the Library has something for you.

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Plants, animals, and landmasses


Art, language, and society


Legends, spells, magic items, and occult lore


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Books to read, games to play

Aurorae RPG

Aurorae: Ård Nväldi

Necromancers and soldiers, the Nväldi live in their crystal spires, remembering their long-gone empire. Their fearless mistlords turn to piracy on their spirit-bound ships.

Aurorae: The Vila

Monster design challenge: an utterly alien, incomprehensible – yet fully sentient – species competing with humans in Aurorae RPG.

Aurorae: The Triveni

Traders, mages, and mercenaries. Living in the Mycelium, Triveni embrace their fungal overlord with their food, custom, and architecture.

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