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Worldbuilding is fun. But unless you want to spend a decade rewriting your setting, it best to use well-researched materials from day one.

Worldbuilder’s Library is a collection of articles, books, zines, and decks written and illustrated specifically to help fellow worldbuilders create their universes.

Created by the team of writers, worldbuilders, and designers at Double Proficiency, the Library aims to cover all ground between the natural world, magic, folklore, technology, warfare, and best adventuring practices. Whether you’re in need of magical plants, engaging encounters, or are just fighting a writer’s block, the Library has something for you.

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Latest Posts

Aurorae: The Khradi

By Jakub Wisz It’s been a while since the previous Aurorae development blog – and so here we are. I think the best next step in bringing the game a bit closer to you will be through a series of articles describing the lore and rules of the game interchangeably. In this first one of… Read More

Angelica: magic, medicine, and folklore

A majestic, cold-loving plant bearing heavy crowns of green flowers. Its unique licorice-like taste and musky scent grant it multiple culinary uses. Angelica archangelica. Also known as: Holy Ghost. Wild Celery. Angel Root. Masterwort. Family: Apiaceae | celeriesHabitat: temperate to cold, wetlands and riverbanksSize: 100—250 cmLife cycle: biennialForaging: roots, stems, and seedsFlowers: small and greenish,… Read More

Introducing Blazing Aurorae RPG

I don’t always write blog posts, but when I do, I don’t know where to start. I’ll start at the beginning then – and I’m not one for long introductions. And so, welcome to the introductory blog post about Project Aphelion’s parallel upcoming game, Blazing Aurorae. Please leave this field empty Oh hello there 🌸It’s… Read More

Calendula: magic, medicine, and folklore

A popular garden plant, grown for its beautiful golden and orange flowers. Often used to cure skin irritations, strengthen psychic powers, and see through illusions. Calendula officinalis. Also known as: Marigold. Pot Marigold. Ruddles. Summer’s Bride. Family: Asteraceae | astersHabitat: warm and temperate, widely cultivated in gardensSize: 30—60 cmLife cycle: perennial or annualForaging: flowers and… Read More

13 Spookiest Plants For Your Halloween Game

by Anna Urbanek Get ready for the spooky! Today we will be talking about the spookiest plants you can put in your Halloween game. We’re not here to discuss the most toxic plants, because let’s be honest – death by poison is a rather boring thing to play out at the table. Instead, we’re about… Read More


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