Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: Plants Abound!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your mind just goes blank while looking for a description of the landscape? Did your players go for days through almost-sterile jungle because you kinda forgot how’s that bloody plant called? Well, in that case, fret not: Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery got your back. 

What is Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery?

This series of 20-page PDFs introduces various biomes, their signature plants, and a handy list of descriptors for all of the senses – now your player characters can not only ‘see’ but also ‘hear’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, and ‘feel’ the world around them. Because they’re devised as a quick reference during the game, each PDF covers one specific type of terrain. This makes it a convenient read: just pick up the PDF you need and run with it!

Each of the 10 plant cards includes: 

  • a high-quality, full-color botanical illustration
  • a read-aloud description of the ‘Perception test’ variety, 
  • additional lore to share with characters who are knowledgeable about nature – or just wanting to check out the plants from up close,
  • enough inspiration to send your mind racing and spin it all into a memorable experience for the party.

But wait, there’s more: we’ve added more material to make the Globetrotter’s Guides even better for you!

  • a description of the biome written with a fully-immersive experience in mind – perfect to just hand to the players as an in-game guide!
  • an analysis of the climate, the soil, and the anatomy of the biome, full of ideas for the game and worldbuilding prompts!
  • an introduction to the animal life – all the most interesting animals you can encounter!
  • a list of environmental threats and challenges!
  • a collection of events, views, and encounters that will make your game better!

Why do I need to know more about plants?

You technically don’t. However, you might as well pick up some of those to make sure your description game is top-notch. Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery is much more than just a bunch of plant images – it’s a convenient resource for game masters, writers, world-builders, and players.

If you ever found yourself describing a person walking through any kind of a landscape, you may have struggled coming up with interesting things that were surrounding them. And that’s okay!

Of course, you don’t have to be a botanist to include plants – from trees to shrubs to flowers to mosses – in your books or games. After all, botany is an old and exhaustive field of science. And yet, knowing just a bit of it, a sprinkle here and there, can make your prose sparkling!

When you play a computer game, like Skyrim, The Witcher, or Zelda, your character travels through various biomes, always having some flowers to pick and make into alchemical potions, poisons, or just food. Why would you deny the same to the characters in your novel or a tabletop game? Let them stumble into a blueberry patch, build a reed raft, or make some swamp tea!

The Plant Kingdom is vast and infinitely surprising. Just think about it: all you need is a single trip to the countryside and a moment of looking around to find enough inspiration for a new scene. Here’s a fairy ring of emerald grass, there’s a moss-covered antediluvian rock shaped like a troll, and over there you can hear the all-telling buzzing of bees over a patch of wildflowers.

Pick up the Guide and let yourself be inspired!

See the plants!


What’s growing on the grasslands? Mostly grasses, not gonna lie. But that’s not the whole story, so buckle in for a ride and discover the intriguing herbs, shrubs, and trees of the grasslands, as well as the science behind those seemingly endless seas of green. From the savanna to prairies to steppes and velds, Globetrotter’s Guide to Grasslands equips you and the player characters with all that they need to make this hike unforgettable.

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Seas & Oceans

What’s growing beneath the waves? Plant-wise, not that much. But algae can still be green and fascinating, and there is no reason not to allow the players to enjoy the incredible biodiversity of oceans. From microscopic phytoplantkon to giant kelp and glowing orbs, there is greenery to be found and adventures to be shared. 

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Take your adventurers on a trip in the seaside! Discover all the salt-loving plants: spiky, spiny, and surprisingly silver and blue. Make your dunes, cliffs, and beaches colorful and fragrant with this useful guide.

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Tropical Rainforest

What’s growing in the Tropical Rainforest? So many great things! From lianas to orchids to carnivorous pitcher plants, the tropical rainforests are teeming with animal and plant life

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The Cover of Globetrotter's Guide to Greenery: Desert by Double Proficiency


This issue takes you for a trip through different types of arid and semi-arid deserts, and introduces ten useful plants you may encounter there. From agave to prickly pears to tree aloe, you’ll find this issue full of edible, valuable, medicinal, and deadly plants.

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A cover of Globetrotter's Guide to Greenery: Tundra


What you’ll mostly find there, are plants that can survive the constant onslaught of wind, snow, and ice. Think dwarf trees, mosses, lichens, cushion plants… Then pick up this guide and spin this vague advice into a full-blown exploring adventure for your players or readers. There’s no need for the arctic wasteland to be barren– you can do much better!

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A cover of Globetrotter's Guide to Greenery: Freshwater Marshes

Freshwater Marshes

It’s a great place for the characters to explore. Teeming with plant and animal life, full of suspicious sounds, with surprisingly placed shallows and depths, freshwater marshes are an underutilized landscape in tabletop role-playing games. But, you know, they don’t have to be!

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Fancy something physical?

Globetrotter’s Guide to Tropical Rainforests is available as a printed zine! Expect high-quality print on pretty, satin paper, with sturdy cover.

Fun fact: all game master-facing information is on the cover – you can remove it and hand the insides to the player as an in-game item! Let them find or purchase the guide before delving into a jungle. Meanwhile, you get to keep the cover with sensory descriptions and plot hooks.

You can purchase the zine over at Spear Witch and Exalted Funeral!

A stack of printed guides to tropical rainforests.

What else is there?

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Review Zone

I flipped randomly to one of the entries, and it was crazy how well that worked. But that’s how they all are. Well written, evocative, and practical […]. Overall, this is certainly a great TTRPG supplement, and I’d very much recommend The Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: Freshwater Marshes. It fills a niche that most Monster Manuals and setting guides ignore, and can really help flesh out your GMing skills, or cover for gaps.

The TTRPG Factory: A Review of Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: Freshwater Marshes

Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: Freshwater Marshes is literally the perfect flora guide to go with my Pipedream RPG. When you’re foraging for edible plants in the marshes around Irisfields so that you can serve up a supper ritual to enchant the hardest hearts, you’ll be glad for this supplement.

Role Over Play Dead on

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