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Articles Small but mighty: Independent TTRPG presses work toward equity in game design (22 December 2021) The Herbalist’s Primer – The RPG book you never knew you needed! (8 September 2021) Herbalist’s Primer: A system-neutral RPG guide to plants pushes past 1/3rd of a million on Kickstarter (1 September 2021) The Herbalist’s Primer gives roleplaying groups a crash course in practical and magical botany (26 August 2021)

Interviews The Secret Life of Plants (23 September 2021)

Women of D&D: Feature – Anna Urbanek (22 September 2021)

 Plus One EXP: Prestige Class w/Anna Urbanek! (16 September 2021)

The Permaculture Podcast: Anna Urbanek – Herbalist’s Primer (5 September 2021)

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