Project Aphelion Solo Play #040: Pocket Money

Is this the final blow we’ll going to deal d’Venescu? No. Does it have the potential to be the most fun? Yes. In case this is not yet obvious, the protagonist of this story is basically a chaotic… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #039: Girls, Reunited

Who’s up for a treat? The brand new and reworked scenario generation system? I am! It was literally just put together, and we’re taking it on the maiden journey.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #038: The War Council

As we’re working our way up the campaign finale, there’s a lot of scheming, planning, plotting, and strategizing. On all sides.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #037: Reason and Responsibility

Things are heating up in the Warrens as we take a short break from the main campaign and make sure that our protagonist’s life goes on outside of her current quest. You can’t wage a war 24/7 –… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #036: Return to the Sender

In this episode, we’re returning d’Venescu’s spell back to the sender (with some freebies attached!). He, unlike us, will not enjoy it. Also, there’s a lovely surprise at the end.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #035: So You Want to Be a Researcher

Remember that our protagonist is supposed to be a scientist? The academic type, not the ‘overpowered witch on an obvious corruption arc’? Well, there are times in each researcher’s life when they actually have to do that research…. Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #034: Raul in Distress

Here’s what we were waiting for: more playtests! This time, a Faction Interference Scenario, so we get to mess with other people’s plans and still get paid. Sounds like paradise? That’s because it’s just a game.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #033: This Means War

This episode is about as full of plotting and scheming as one can expect. We have unresolved consequences, lots of unresolved tension, stuff happening all around us, a raging war, a plot to kill one of our contacts,… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #032: Divide et Impera

Hey-ho, let’s punch the blood mage-o! We’ve been really looking forward to it. And by we, I mean mostly myself.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #031: Where Two Are Fighting

After the big OOF of the previous episode, it’s time to get back to strategizing. We’ve made a lot of progress in several areas lately, we have some unfinished threads, and it’s high time to bring it all… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #030: Operation Honeypot, part II

It’s time to build and play the Scenario. Due to unforeseen circumstances and Scenario complications, let me just put a content warning in here. It goes dark and nasty. Not graphic and I suppose it counts under ‘fantasy… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #029: Operation Honeypot, part I

There’s just so much in here. A new month, three scenarios, a ton of consequences, preparing a massive Tower Defense Scenario, family drama… A lot. Welcome to Operation Honeypot.