Double Proficiency

Worldbuilding: The Spark of Life (Blazing Aurorae, part 2)

by Jakub Wisz In the previous blog, I set up the conditions in the primordial world of Blazing Aurorae. It’s time to get some life going, baby. The conditions we have to start with are a bit difficult… Read More

Worldbuilding: Creating the world of Blazing Aurorae (part 1)

A sci-fi writer explains how he creates the world for an upcoming fantasy novel. Check his step-by-step worldbuilding process!

Pull Your Weight: Player Agency and GM’s Responsibilities

I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anybody because I tried to be nice, even though it was the wrong choice. Should have gone for helpful instead. Lately, I’ve watched a plethora of YouTube videos with… Read More

Denver 2055: Fragging Spelunking

Nothing spells ‘professional shadowrunner’ like going for completely unrelated side quests just for the sake of hiking. And for money, obviously.

Denver 2055 #001: Your Friendly Neighborhood Shadowrunners

Denver is a weird city: split between six more or less hostile countries, it’s a hub for smugglers, black marketers, and shadowrunners. The Big Game is played there, earning Denver the name of City of Shadows.

SR2053: Get Frosty

Escape rooms! Investigations! Cons! Reunions! Pure excellence! Welcome back to the session recaps from our Shadowrun campaign! We’re playing 5E, a bit house-ruled, as our campaign is set in 2053 (in Chicago, for better or worse), and some… Read More

A Tale of Two Campaigns: Shadowrunning in 2053

Chicago, 2053, March. A group of fresh-from-the-oven shadowrunners just tries to make a living. Chicago, 2053, October. Fought the dragons, sold 700 orcs to Dunkelzahn, pissed off Señor Oscuro, Chicago now under martial law, let’s just go to… Read More

Fantasy Survival 101: Gather the party

I’ve been toying with the idea of Fantasy RPG survival guide for a while – and here’s the first post in the series. What I’m trying to achieve is a comprehensive guide for players and GMs who’d like… Read More

Starport RPG is live!

I love it when the project is done and the NDA no longer applies, as far as showing off is concerned. Since March, I was quietly working on Starport RPG: a tabletop roleplaying game for kids, annoying my… Read More

Get Your Victorians Right!

If you love the Victorian era and feel disappointed you haven’t lived a century ago, don’t despair – many things did not change anyway. Might be useful for your steampunk and Victorian-era RPG worldbuilding!