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Dungeons and Diamonds: A guest article on Campfire!

Check out the newest article Anna wrote for the worldbuilding platform, Campfire! Tips on dungeon delving, fun rocks to find, and more!

D&D did what?! The drama in the RPG community!

There is huge drama in the D&D and TTRPG community, with players leaving the game in droves. Here I explain why this is happening and what this means.

JADE: History, Folklore and Magic

Designing pages for my new book Geologists Primer while sharing all my favourite facts and history on jade, this simply stunning gem!

IRON: Drawing Tutorial and Learn about its History and Folklore!

Come listen my happy chatter about iron and its meaning in magic and folklore as I draw a new illustration for Geologist’s Primer!

A cover of The Phantom Manor adventure by Double Proficiency

The Phantom Manor: A Spooky Ghost Adventure

10 rooms, 13 ghosts, and a mysterious door. Can the adventurers survive until dawn, lift a family curse, and get a new house for themselves?

spooky ghost

Ghostly Apparitions

A 50-card deck of ghosts, specters, and spirits ready to be summoned into your TTRPG of choice. Give the players the spookiness they deserve!

Wondrous Stores

A 50-card deck of wondrous stores, shops, and other commercial establishments ready to use in your tabletop RPG of choice – now available for purchase!

Encounters at the Court

Delve deep into intrigues, rumors, and scandals of the royal court – and try these 10+ social encounters for your D&D and other TTRPG game!

August on Patreon

50 wondrous stores, new shiny rocks, and a bunch more things coming this month to Double Proficiency Patreon!

The Courtly Whispers Are Getting Loud

Courtly Whispers, the newest Wayfarer’s Deck, is now available on DriveThruRPG and Itch! Draw a card, cause some trouble. It’ll be fun!

Underground Encounters

Venture deep into mines, caves, tunnels, burrows, and dungeons – and try these 10+ underground encounters for your D&D and other TTRPG game!

Aphelion Toolkit: Quick Start booklet is here!

A free 52-page Quick Start booklet with 140+ cards! Make a character with a CYOA backstory and learn all basic rules you’ll need to play!