Double Proficiency

Review: Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes

Mordekainen’s back! Everybody’s favourite wizard brings us world lore, racial lore, and a nice selection of monsters to charm and slaughter (or die of, to be honest). The book looks pretty much standard for the fifth edition: hardcover,… Read More

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 3 – The plot thickens

There’s a lot of plot threads sort of converging in this scene. Usually when that happens not everyone survives. Why write reviews when you can just quote Scanlan? So, the third volume came out today, and though I… Read More

Review: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Is this book everything I wanted from fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons? Yes.

How to role-play female characters

You know how to role-plan an elf. You know how to role-play a dwarf. An innkeeper. A king. A guard. A mercenary. But pray tell me, do you know how to role-play a woman?