Aphelion Toolkit Playtest #02: Folas’ Escape

With no time to lose and guards right on his tail, Folas struggles to escape the magic guild’s dungeons in the second part of the playtest.

8 Life-Saving Magic Plants Every Adventurer Should Know

Introducing eight magical plants that well-known to adventurers – yet their powers may well make the difference between life and death.

Aphelion Toolkit Core Beta Tests Are On!

Follow Folas, the sneaky spellsword, as he tries to defeat his nemesis in this solo playtest of Aphelion Toolkit RPG!

Project Aphelion is Live!

The biggest ever project of Double Proficiency is now live – check out the new website and a unique TTRPG strategy experience.

Monthly Summary: February

February started with COVID and ended with a war. But we got some TTRPG work done in between, against everything.

Open Herbalist's Primer laying in the grass

Herbalist’s Primer Production Updates

A general update on the progress of the Herbalist’s Primer Kickstarter campaign fulfillment! Check out all the cool stuff.

Aurorae: Ård Nväldi

Necromancers and soldiers, the Nväldi live in their crystal spires, remembering their long-gone empire. Their fearless mistlords turn to piracy on their spirit-bound ships.

Grasslands Encounters

Go on a hike of a lifetime and try these 10+ grassland encounters for your D&D and other TTRPG game! The adventures await!

A single boat on a the ocean

Aurorae: Temel Kho-tu’ud

Nomadic people living below the Aurorae Domains, down the gravity well. Traders, shepherds, and philosophers who rely on herds of docile zhmey.

black and silver scissors on brown wooden table

Aphelion Toolkit: Project Update #1

Our upcoming TTRPG ruleset is still in development, but getting closer each day. Check out Aphelion Toolkit’s scenario-generating goodness!

Geologist’s Primer: We’re On!

After magical plants, the time has come to focus on something new: magical metals, minerals, and rocks. From agate to zircon, this book will be shiny!

Aphelion Solo Playtest 01: Character Generation of a Village Witch

Welcome to the new playtest series of Aphelion, in which I take Jakub’s brilliant system and try to break it. This time, with a village witch and alchemist.