Double Proficiency

Project Aphelion’s website is live!

Looking to scratch that hard sci-fi strategy itch? Well, the is up and running! We’ve just added some basic world lore and the mechanics, including a nice and slick, fully laid out PDF of The Absolute Basics…. Read More

Herbalist’s Primer: Here’s to a good start!

by Anna Urbanek Imagine that: I’m 20% done. Well, not really – but I’ve finished twentieth plant entry from the planned hundred, and I think it calls for a celebration. Or, at least, for noting it in a… Read More

Such a busy June!

We’ve been extremely busy in the past month. We’ve jump-started several projects, moved houses, wrote and designed a ton of things, started Aphelion’s playtests, set the ground for a couple of exciting new things, drew some plants, and… Read More

Project Aphelion Alpha Rules are ready!

Our hard sci-fi tabletop RPG is finally in the play-testing phase! Jakub has been hard at work for months writing and polishing the rules for Project Aphelion, and now they’re ready to see the light. What is Project… Read More

State of the Art: April

If I was ever glad I became a freelancer, it’s in the middle of the global pandemic. It’s been quite a ride these last couple of weeks. As I write those words, watching Mary Popping Returns with half… Read More

February Updates!

We’re seriously behind on the blog. (This is not news.) Both Jakub and I have been working lately on about a dozen of projects, all of them cool, exciting, and board game- and roleplaying game-related, but about half… Read More

Project Aphelion Dev Vlog #3: Gameplay

Hello!So far, we’ve talked about the general idea behind PA, and the technologies that made everyday life in the Solar System so vastly different than it is today. I decided to make those vlogs with a bi-weekly theme,… Read More

Project Aphelion Dev Vlog #2: Technology

Hello! I’m Jakub Wisz, the author of Stars in Our Sails and Project Aphelion, and this is the next development blog for the upcoming TTRPG Project Aphelion. We covered the basics in the first vlog, so now we… Read More

Project Aphelion Dev Vlog #1: Basics

Hello! I’m Jakub Wisz, the author of “Stars In Our Sails” and Project Aphelion, and in this first blog, I’m going to explain what the hell even is that I’m writing. This post is an introduction to the… Read More