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Dungeons and Diamonds: A guest article on Campfire!

Check out the newest article Anna wrote for the worldbuilding platform, Campfire! Tips on dungeon delving, fun rocks to find, and more!

Chaotic TTRPG Overview: Pathfinder 2e

Are you looking to pick up a new tabletop RPG this year, for… any reason? Paizo’s Pathfinder 2e might be the smoothest transition for you!

spooky ghost

Ghostly Apparitions

A 50-card deck of ghosts, specters, and spirits ready to be summoned into your TTRPG of choice. Give the players the spookiness they deserve!

Wondrous Stores

A 50-card deck of wondrous stores, shops, and other commercial establishments ready to use in your tabletop RPG of choice – now available for purchase!

August on Patreon

50 wondrous stores, new shiny rocks, and a bunch more things coming this month to Double Proficiency Patreon!

Incitatus has landed!

Jakub’s sci-fi thriller is finally available in bookstores – grab a copy for yourself today!

Incitatus Pre-orders Are Live!

Pre-orders of Incitatus, a sci-fi thriller, have started! We’re ultra excited about this book getting released – here’s why.

Monthly Summary: March

This is me checking in – and still vaguely aware that a month has passed. March has been a blur of work and burnout.

Bundle for Ukraine!

Grab almost 1,000 games for $10+ and support the charities helping the people of Ukraine!

Patreon Benefits Redone!

It’s been a while since we’ve set up our support page, and the Patreon benefits really were due and update. Check what we’re offering now!

Herbalist’s Primer Stretch Goals!

That’s it, I’m officially DONE! Well, the stretch goals for Herbalist’s Primer are done. Look how they shine!

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Aphelion Toolkit: Project Update #1

Our upcoming TTRPG ruleset is still in development, but getting closer each day. Check out Aphelion Toolkit’s scenario-generating goodness!