Kickstarter Alert: Critical Role Miniatures!

Yesterday the RPG world has been stunned into silence (for like a second, before the cheering started) by the announcement that on 26/06 20:00GMT launches the Kickstarter for Critical Role Miniatures. And so it did. There was a… Read More

What’s the use of the garden gnomes?

I got my latest Kickstarter package delivered – a pack of Common (or Garden) Gnomes from Midlam Miniatures. Why did I need them? No reason whatsoever. But I am a big fan of this tiny UK-based company and… Read More

Kickstarter Alert #1

Browsing through the vast seas of the Internet can take too much of your precious free time, that could be well spent on playing RPGs. Let us do the heavy lifting, browsing main crowdfundin site in search of best RPG-related items. Just seat back and enjoy!

First Look: Zweihänder RPG

The Zweihänder RPG is finally here. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (fully funded within 6 hours! Guess people really did miss Warhammer Fantasy RPG) and slightly delayed dispatch (a year or so – but for a good… Read More