What’s the use of the garden gnomes?

I got my latest Kickstarter package delivered - a pack of Common (or Garden) Gnomes from Midlam Miniatures. Why did I need them? No reason whatsoever. But I am a big fan of this tiny UK-based company and their metal minis, and I make it a point to support all their Kickstarter campaigns. They keep … Continue reading What’s the use of the garden gnomes?

First Look: Zweihänder RPG

The Zweihänder RPG is finally here. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (fully funded within 6 hours! Guess people really did miss Warhammer Fantasy RPG) and slightly delayed dispatch (a year or so - but for a good reason), the parcel was delivered and unceremoniously opened by a committee. PDF, which was provided to the … Continue reading First Look: Zweihänder RPG