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Dungeons and Diamonds: A guest article on Campfire!

Check out the newest article Anna wrote for the worldbuilding platform, Campfire! Tips on dungeon delving, fun rocks to find, and more!

Geologist’s Primer: Off to a good start!

Geologist’s Primer is live on Kickstarter. It’s been live for 18 hours, in fact, and has already smashed through 8 stretch goals. I’m supposed to sit down and write a blog post detailing how it’s going and how… Read More

Geologist’s Primer coming to Kickstarter!

The moment we’ve been waiting for! Geologist’s Primer is heading to Kickstarter – sign up to get notified on launch!

Monthly Summary: February

February started with COVID and ended with a war. But we got some TTRPG work done in between, against everything.

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Herbalist’s Primer Production Updates

A general update on the progress of the Herbalist’s Primer Kickstarter campaign fulfillment! Check out all the cool stuff.

Herbalist’s Primer Stretch Goals!

That’s it, I’m officially DONE! Well, the stretch goals for Herbalist’s Primer are done. Look how they shine!

Tabletop for Fun and Profit: The Lessons of 2021

This year has taught us many things about the tabletop industry. Let’s see what lessons we can take with us into 2022.

December on Patreon: Underwater Adventures

This month, our Patrons go on a deep dive into the dark, cold waters, to frolic with dolphins, merfolk, and anglerfish.

Interview at the Dungeon Master’s Guild House!

Anna talks about Herbalist’s Primer, mixing D&D with scientific research, marketing, and the future of the RPG industry.

Herbalism Kit, Revisited: Tools and Supplies for Herbalists

Bored of the standard D&D 5e herbalism kit? Check out the tools and supplies your herbalist and alchemist would really use!

General Update – November 2021

by Anna Urbanek There have been things happening, and as I really didn’t have the time to blog over the last months, I struggle to even find a good place to pick up. First of all, we did… Read More

The joys and challenges of an overly successful Kickstarter campaign

By Anna Urbanek Were we surprised by the success of Herbalist’s Primer on Kickstarter? Of course! But were we ready…? Kinda.