Thistle: magic, medicine, and folklore

Thistles are a group of flowering plants with prickly leaves. They extend powerful protective magic, set up boundaries, bestow courage, break curses, and heal animals.

Color Magic and Plants in your D&D 5e Game!

Make your game more fun by embracing the color magic of flowers. The possibilities are endless and in line with the occult lore!

Tabletop for Fun and Profit: The Lessons of 2021

This year has taught us many things about the tabletop industry. Let’s see what lessons we can take with us into 2022.

Holly: magic, medicine, and folklore

Holly is an evergreen tree with spiny leaves and red berries, particularly valued during the winter solstice. It protects from witchcraft, lightning, and wild animals.

December on Patreon: Underwater Adventures

This month, our Patrons go on a deep dive into the dark, cold waters, to frolic with dolphins, merfolk, and anglerfish.

Interview at the Dungeon Master’s Guild House!

Anna talks about Herbalist’s Primer, mixing D&D with scientific research, marketing, and the future of the RPG industry.

Yew: magic, medicine, and folklore

A highly toxic evergreen tree, with showy, red berries and flat, green needles. It symbolizes death and rebirth, allowing contact, control, and raising of the dead.

Herbalism Kit, Revisited: Tools and Supplies for Herbalists

Bored of the standard D&D 5e herbalism kit? Check out the tools and supplies your herbalist and alchemist would really use!

The joys and challenges of an overly successful Kickstarter campaign

By Anna Urbanek Were we surprised by the success of Herbalist’s Primer on Kickstarter? Of course! But were we ready…? Kinda.

Herbalist’s Primer: Here’s to a good start!

by Anna Urbanek Imagine that: I’m 20% done. Well, not really – but I’ve finished twentieth plant entry from the planned hundred, and I think it calls for a celebration. Or, at least, for noting it in a… Read More