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Dungeons and Diamonds: A guest article on Campfire!

Check out the newest article Anna wrote for the worldbuilding platform, Campfire! Tips on dungeon delving, fun rocks to find, and more!

Jasper: History, Folklore, and Magic

Come listen to Anna talking about magic and folklore of jasper while she’s drawing an illustration for Geologist’s Primer!

Geologist’s Primer: Off to a good start!

Geologist’s Primer is live on Kickstarter. It’s been live for 18 hours, in fact, and has already smashed through 8 stretch goals. I’m supposed to sit down and write a blog post detailing how it’s going and how… Read More

Geologist’s Primer coming to Kickstarter!

The moment we’ve been waiting for! Geologist’s Primer is heading to Kickstarter – sign up to get notified on launch!

JADE: History, Folklore and Magic

Designing pages for my new book Geologists Primer while sharing all my favourite facts and history on jade, this simply stunning gem!

Patreon in July!

See what’s happening on the Double Proficiency Patreon in July! The Aphelion RPG setting, new Wayfarer’s Deck, and shiny magic rocks!

Strings of amber beads.

Amber: magic, medicine, and folklore

Thistles are a group of flowering plants with prickly leaves. They extend powerful protective magic, set up boundaries, bestow courage, break curses, and heal animals.

Geologist’s Primer: We’re On!

After magical plants, the time has come to focus on something new: magical metals, minerals, and rocks. From agate to zircon, this book will be shiny!