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Dungeons and Diamonds: A guest article on Campfire!

Check out the newest article Anna wrote for the worldbuilding platform, Campfire! Tips on dungeon delving, fun rocks to find, and more!

Geologist’s Primer coming to Kickstarter!

The moment we’ve been waiting for! Geologist’s Primer is heading to Kickstarter – sign up to get notified on launch!

Chaotic TTRPG Overview: Pathfinder 2e

Are you looking to pick up a new tabletop RPG this year, for… any reason? Paizo’s Pathfinder 2e might be the smoothest transition for you!

D&D did what?! The drama in the RPG community!

There is huge drama in the D&D and TTRPG community, with players leaving the game in droves. Here I explain why this is happening and what this means.

spooky ghost

Ghostly Apparitions

A 50-card deck of ghosts, specters, and spirits ready to be summoned into your TTRPG of choice. Give the players the spookiness they deserve!

Underground Encounters

Venture deep into mines, caves, tunnels, burrows, and dungeons – and try these 10+ underground encounters for your D&D and other TTRPG game!

Strings of amber beads.

Amber: magic, medicine, and folklore

Thistles are a group of flowering plants with prickly leaves. They extend powerful protective magic, set up boundaries, bestow courage, break curses, and heal animals.

Aphelion Toolkit Playtest #02: Folas’ Escape

With no time to lose and guards right on his tail, Folas struggles to escape the magic guild’s dungeons in the second part of the playtest.

8 Life-Saving Magic Plants Every Adventurer Should Know

Introducing eight magical plants that well-known to adventurers – yet their powers may well make the difference between life and death.

Aphelion Toolkit Core Beta Tests Are On!

Follow Folas, the sneaky spellsword, as he tries to defeat his nemesis in this solo playtest of Aphelion Toolkit RPG!

Monthly Summary: March

This is me checking in – and still vaguely aware that a month has passed. March has been a blur of work and burnout.

Twilight Domain Cleric for 5e: Custom Spells of 3rd and 4th Level

My twilight cleric Tonight has gathered a bit more experience in our campaign, and the time has come to add 3rd- and 4th-level spells!