Double Proficiency
An arctic aurora borealis over the snowy mountains

Arctic Adventures: DM Tips for the Frozen Wilds

If you, like many people in tabletop roleplaying circle, are waiting for the newest expansion for Dungeons & Dragons to land, you already know you’ll be probably spending some months around Icewind Dale. Arctic adventures are on multiple… Read More

Fantasy Survival 101: Gather the party

I’ve been toying with the idea of Fantasy RPG survival guide for a while – and here’s the first post in the series. What I’m trying to achieve is a comprehensive guide for players and GMs who’d like… Read More

Kickstarter Alert: Critical Role Miniatures!

Yesterday the RPG world has been stunned into silence (for like a second, before the cheering started) by the announcement that on 26/06 20:00GMT launches the Kickstarter for Critical Role Miniatures. And so it did. There was a… Read More

Wraith Recon Files 01A: The slow sail south

In my usual RPG group sometimes we can’t all make it to the game, as I’m sure it happens to each party. Normally we play Earthdawn (3E), and due to the storyline it’s rather hard to come up… Read More

Review: Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes

Mordekainen’s back! Everybody’s favourite wizard brings us world lore, racial lore, and a nice selection of monsters to charm and slaughter (or die of, to be honest). The book looks pretty much standard for the fifth edition: hardcover,… Read More

General update

So, I haven’t really posted anything in a while. A long while, if you don’t count an odd Instagram pic of the minis I’m painting, or an occasional tweet a out random rpg-related stuff. However, there have been… Read More

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 3 – The plot thickens

There’s a lot of plot threads sort of converging in this scene. Usually when that happens not everyone survives. Why write reviews when you can just quote Scanlan? So, the third volume came out today, and though I… Read More

Review: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Is this book everything I wanted from fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons? Yes.

Review: Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

Based on acclaimed Critical Role show, Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (D&D 5E) is a quite interesting book. Let’s see where it shines the brightest.

D&D 5E: A Guide to the Published Campaigns

Finding the right campaign for your D&D group might be tricky. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all of the WotC published modules. Spoilers ahead!