Kickstarter Alert: Critical Role Miniatures!

Yesterday the RPG world has been stunned into silence (for like a second, before the cheering started) by the announcement that on 26/06 20:00GMT launches the Kickstarter for Critical Role Miniatures. And so it did. There was a… Read More

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 4 – The story goes dark

I’m a bit behind on the reviews but… Oh my, this comic book is everything I’ve ever wanted (until the animated series comes out, and then the 10-season live action TV series). Ending the last issue on a… Read More

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 3 – The plot thickens

There’s a lot of plot threads sort of converging in this scene. Usually when that happens not everyone survives. Why write reviews when you can just quote Scanlan? So, the third volume came out today, and though I… Read More

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 2 – Somehow even funnier

It’s not that I’m forced to write about Critical Role all the time, but it somehow seems like the most enjoyable part of the RPG world these days. And they’ve just announced that the artbook will be available… Read More

Review: Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

Based on acclaimed Critical Role show, Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (D&D 5E) is a quite interesting book. Let’s see where it shines the brightest.

Vox Machina: Origins, issue 1 – The best so far

If by off chance you’ve missed the online phenomenon that is Critical Role, please look here to start your journey with the adventuring party of Vox Machina. Highly recommended. Anyway. As much as I love Critical Role, I… Read More