Librarian’s Nook #2: Magical familiars and magical plants

by Anna Urbanek In this episode we go on deep dives into my favorite topics: occult and plants. And we’re being very critical of what we read. I don’t know why, but I happen to apply higher standard… Read More

13 Spookiest Plants For Your Halloween Game

by Anna Urbanek Get ready for the spooky! Today we will be talking about the spookiest plants you can put in your Halloween game. We’re not here to discuss the most toxic plants, because let’s be honest –… Read More

Herbalist’s Primer: Here’s to a good start!

by Anna Urbanek Imagine that: I’m 20% done. Well, not really – but I’ve finished twentieth plant entry from the planned hundred, and I think it calls for a celebration. Or, at least, for noting it in a… Read More