Librarian’s Nook #2: Magical familiars and magical plants

by Anna Urbanek In this episode we go on deep dives into my favorite topics: occult and plants. And we’re being very critical of what we read. I don’t know why, but I happen to apply higher standard… Read More

Librarian’s Nook #1: Ravens, Fables, and Entry to Wicca

by Anna Urbanek Welcome to the new series of posts on the blog! Librarian’s Nook will cover the latest books read in my constant pursuit of knowledge. These books are all, in one way or another, research –… Read More

There’s nothing less private than private life

At least for a historian. Seriously, those guys will raid your garbage bin and steal your receipts. And the humanity will be grateful. After a while. I’ve just put my hands on the last (well, fourth out of five, they… Read More

Get Your Victorians Right!

If you love the Victorian era and feel disappointed you haven’t lived a century ago, don’t despair – many things did not change anyway. Might be useful for your steampunk and Victorian-era RPG worldbuilding!