Double Proficiency

Project Aphelion Solo Play #007: A Dinner with a Dragon

Strategy Layer: December 10, 2055 Picking where we left off! It’s now only a week until Tomorrow’s meeting with Henequen and there’s research to be done, skills to be learnt, main quest to be progressed, spell research to… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #006: Strategy Layer and Scenario 2: The Chaos World

Welcome to the Grand Strategy, version Lite. I’m sure Jakub will one day introduce you to Grand Strategy, version Full Aphelion Rules, but that’s not my thing. As always, if you’re new here, I suggest you start at… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #005: The Proper Channels

In the last post, I’ve generated the Scenario I’m going to be playing today. If you’ve missed it, it’s here. If you’ve missed the whole joy so far, it’s best if you start at the beginning and character… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #004: Scenario Generation

By Anna Urbanek Art deals! Artifacts! Lore drops! Getting through the PAs and PR specialists, trying to get a private meeting with Henequen – an art-dealing dragon who possesses more information about Tomorrow’s sister. Welcome to the first… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #003: Campaign Generation

By Anna Urbanek Welcome back to the cycle in which I take Jakub’s perfectly good hard sci-fi RPG Project Aphelion and cram Shadowrun into it, using a lot of duct tape and hoping it will all hold. This… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #002: Career Magician

By Anna Urbanek Welcome back to my self-indulging project of changing Shadowrun into a strategy RPG, using the engine of our upcoming RPG, Project Aphelion. If you’ve missed it, in the previous post I went through some conversion… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #001: Hacking the Cyberpunk

About a year ago, we played a campaign of Shadowrun. It was delightful, even if the rules did what they could to make it annoying. The campaign came to an end of season one and we’ve never picked… Read More

Project Aphelion’s website is live!

Looking to scratch that hard sci-fi strategy itch? Well, the is up and running! We’ve just added some basic world lore and the mechanics, including a nice and slick, fully laid out PDF of The Absolute Basics…. Read More

Such a busy June!

We’ve been extremely busy in the past month. We’ve jump-started several projects, moved houses, wrote and designed a ton of things, started Aphelion’s playtests, set the ground for a couple of exciting new things, drew some plants, and… Read More

Project Aphelion Alpha Rules are ready!

Our hard sci-fi tabletop RPG is finally in the play-testing phase! Jakub has been hard at work for months writing and polishing the rules for Project Aphelion, and now they’re ready to see the light. What is Project… Read More

Project Aphelion Dev Vlog #5: Updates

Project Aphelion Dev Vlog #4: Body Augmentation & Transhumanism