Double Proficiency

Project Aphelion Solo Play #030: Operation Honeypot, part II

It’s time to build and play the Scenario. Due to unforeseen circumstances and Scenario complications, let me just put a content warning in here. It goes dark and nasty. Not graphic and I suppose it counts under ‘fantasy… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #029: Operation Honeypot, part I

There’s just so much in here. A new month, three scenarios, a ton of consequences, preparing a massive Tower Defense Scenario, family drama… A lot. Welcome to Operation Honeypot.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #028: Ghosts and the Machine

This time, we’re hitting d’Venescu where it hurts! Or at least, where we hope it will hurt him. Some data stealing, some secondary objectives, and a hell of a lot of planning and scheming. Strategy game, y’all.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #027: Who Plays with Fire

After the grueling scenario played last time, it’s time to slow down, re-assess, reconsider… Or just accept the consequences and throw ourselves into the spiral of retaliation and vengeance. Yes, that sounds more plausible in this case.

Project Aphelion Solo Play #026: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Welcome to the new episode! This time: mass murder, grand larceny, and arson. And a fair warning about lots of blood, death, and mental and physical trauma. Mentions of self-harm, suicide, and several other nasty things. This is… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #025: Meanwhile, the Villain

The Villain gets his turn! Oh, what a delightful turn he took. Come and see how Aphelion’s mechanics procedurally steer the opposition in solo play. It’s a doozy. We also buy real estate, because roleplaying is all about… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #024: The Writing on the Wall

Time to get back to the main story! This time, we’re quickly rolling into the new month, checking what’s new in the world, and starting our offensive against the blood mage. Gotta get Chloe’s girlfriend back, after all!

Project Aphelion Solo Play #023: The Gig Economy

We’re jumping straight into the next Scenario, hoping to catch some more cash and clean out the plate before we move to the next month and the main plot. As a freebie, some more of Tomorrow’s I really… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #022: Freelancer’s Life

We’re going on a side quest! The time has come for Tomorrow to start preparing for her life after the whole Chloe business, even if it’s very, very far away from her current interests. We also get to… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #021: We Require More Minerals

It’s time to start the offensive! We have a lot of cash getting dusty on the bank account, and I look forward to spending it before some other Faction decides I have a nice trove of cash and… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #020: One Step Forward…

After the absolutely self-indulgent episode 19.5, which was completely unnecessary for everybody but myself, it’s high time to get back to the playtest. We have projects to pick up, scenarios to plan, contacts to contact – and, I… Read More

Project Aphelion Solo Play #019.5: Together, At Last

This is not an episode of the playtest. It’s two people talking. But it’s been two years since I created a PC with a single backstory hook of finding her missing sister, and this meeting was imagined a… Read More