Geologist’s Primer Presskit

A system-agnostic illustrated guide to real-world magical metals, rocks, and minerals. Inspired by the millennia of folklore, myths, and legends, it brings a wealth of easily-accessible, organized information straight to your gaming table.

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About the Authors

Anna Urbanek (she/her) ◘ Writer and illustrator

Anna is a Polish-born, Finland-located writer and graphic designer working in the tabletop gaming industry. A librarian by education and a researcher by heart’s desire, she spends all her free time delving into obscure occult books, legends, mythologies, and outdated reference books on natural sciences.

Jakub Wisz (he/him) ◘ Additional writing

A writer, game designer, ex-professional swordmaster and archer, amateur astronomer, and a self-proclaimed anthropomorphic ursine.

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