Gangs of the Undercity by Fragging Unicorns

Disclaimer: I love wargames and I’ve spent way more time than I should playing Shadowrun. Imagine my joy when O.C. Presley, known wider as Opti, one of my favorite Shadowrun devs, invited me to join his brand new… Read More

Seekers Beyond the Shroud: Urban Occult Solo RPG

From modern occult to angels, demons, and ghosts – this project let us embrace our passions in a slick, grunge B&W book design.

Glittergold’s Guide to Gambling

If you’re bored of ‘roll to gamble’ in your D&D games, Garl Glittergold smiles upon you! Mostly because Drew Dawes wrote a supplement to make it tons more interesting. Glittergold’s Guide to Gambling is a convenient little supplement… Read More

Ultraviolet Grasslands

A novahot release on the TTRPG front, Ultraviolet Grasslands is a beautiful baby of several equally beautiful human (I assume) entities; mostly: writer, artist, and designer Luka Rejec (from WizardThiefFighter studio) and Exalted Funeral Press (an amazing publisher… Read More

Adventure Tactics

If you’ve missed out on Letiman Games’ Adventure Tactics Kickstarter, I’m sorry. It was a blast and we all had so much fun doing it. The game is awesome, too! And so, so soon to the release date!… Read More

Step Right Up!

A couple days after “Devil’s Advocate” went up (which by now is a Platinum Bestseller with 4.9/5 star rating on DMs’ Guild – you can see my post about it here) Justice asked me if I’d be up… Read More

Museum Rush: leaflet design

I happen to like projects like that: a short, creative gig with a ‘we need it ASAP’ deadline. This one was made for my friends at Room 17 Games, who sometimes find themselves a bit shorthanded and need… Read More

EXTERMINATE! Doctor Who licensed game by Warlord Games

A licensed Doctor Who wargame created for Warlord Games.

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