Starport RPG: Quest for the Dragon Egg

How to make a kid-friendly tabletop RPG appealing to both children and adults? The trick is to always assume they all like nice things. There is no reason to patronize kids with sub-par design. In 2019, I was… Read More

Devil’s Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts

I just love helping out independent tabletop RPG creators, and the moment Justica Arman (Norse DM on Twitter) told me about his project, I called dibs. Or rather, he hired me to do layout for his new DM’s… Read More

Starport RPG: A tabletop roleplaying game for kids

When in March 2019 I got an email from Kevin Ferrone from Wider Path Gaming, asking whether I would be interested in joining him on the Starport project, it took me about 0.3 seconds to know that I… Read More

Warlords of Erehwon: A fantasy wargame by Warlord Games

While working at Warlord Games, at times we were a bit shorthanded – after all, the company is one of the biggest manufacturers of 28mm miniatures, and a leader as far as historical minis go. Therefore, some of… Read More

EXTERMINATE! Doctor Who licensed game by Warlord Games

A licensed Doctor Who wargame created for Warlord Games.

Project Aphelion: Stars In Our Sails

Project Aphelion is an upcoming tabletop RPG game, a hard sci-fi set up in the Solar System about 250 years in the future. The humanity has colonised the system, everybody uses solar highways to jump from a relay… Read More

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