Project Aphelion

Project Aphelion is an upcoming tabletop role-playing game set in the Solar System in not that far future.

The players take on the role of ship crews and factions making business, exploring and fighting over vast spoils of the Solar System in a realistic science fiction setting.

The World

Project Aphelion is set in our Solar System, in 2270s. The humanity has spread all over the system, colonising not only the Inner planets, but also the Outer ones, and the full of resources vastness of the Oort Cloud.

From the flying cities of Venus, through the mines of Jupiter and wind-powered industries of Neptune, to stealth buoys and smugglers of the farthest reaches of the System, Project Aphelion is open for exploration, intrigue and business.

The Mechanics

Project Aphelion features an easy to grasp, streamlined rule set, allowing the new players to jump in and enjoy themselves without worrying to much about messing anything up.

Using just ten-sided dice, the rules balance the cleanliness and complicity, giving all types of player characters something to be excited about. The Solar System is a big place, and there’s enough to do for soldiers, communication officers, envoys, pilots, bandits, medics, hackers, scouts, smugglers, and movie stars.


The universe of Project Aphelion is a living world, full of adventures and intrigue.

I found that the best way I can show this is by short stories.

Stars in Our Sails

The first one, “Stars In Our Sails”, is already out there in the wild available on Amazon!

The crew of the “Dauntless”, a band of freelance traders and mercenaries, decides to make some quick cash and finds themselves in trouble above their pay grade. With some dodgy cargo on the spaceship and their destination in the farthest reaches of the Solar System, they have little to no doubt this is not going to be a straight-forward job…

“Stars In Our Sails” is a science-fiction thriller set in a colonized Solar System – a story about people dealing with their lives and issues while unwittingly tangled in a conspiracy threatening to destroy them. The crew must cope with the vastness of space, isolation and constant pressure, forced into a game the rules of which they don’t understand. Only their resolve and cooperation stand between the crew of the “Dauntless” and certain death – but can they really trust each other?


The new novel, “Incitatus”, is being written at the moment – and a sample is already available for your convenience!

Chapter #01

Chapter #02