Starport RPG: Quest for the Dragon Egg

How to make a kid-friendly tabletop RPG appealing to both children and adults? The trick is to always assume they all like nice things. There is no reason to patronize kids with sub-par design.

In 2019, I was working on the core rulebook of Starport RPG for Wider Path Games, and I’ve absolutely loved the experience. So when they have offered me the opportunity to work on the expansion story book, I’ve agreed immediately. There’s just something unique about this project, and very dear to my heart – not only because it was my first big freelancing project, but it doesn’t hurt.

Just like the main book, Quest for the Dragon Egg is full of delightful, colorful art and a map to guide the young adventurers as they embark on a trip to save a dragon egg.

Orion, Angel, and Blaze love to play Starport, especially when Blaze’s father, Kevin, guides them. But this quest is unlike anything they’ve ever encountered before.

The brave adventurers must travel to the Dragon Realm to rescue an egg that was stolen by a Crystal Dragon. The realm is filled with gross creatures, challenging puzzles, beautiful rivers, delicious fruit, wild jungles, and stunning mountains.

This story takes place in the one-of-a-kind world of Starport. It will take you on an action-packed adventure while supporting educational content including common core science standards, problem solving, critical thinking, and much more!

Kevin Ferrone, Wider Path Games

The book is available through the publisher’s website, Amazon, and on DriveThruRPG!

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