Seekers Beyond the Shroud: Urban Occult Solo RPG

It’s been a while since Seekers Beyond the Shroud arrived at the front door of its Kickstarter backers, and I’m happy to see it receive such a warm welcome. This unique solo RPG takes the players for a deep dive into the modern occult, hermetic magic, and other joys known to people who have subscribed to The Golden Dawn’s newsletter.

The game is written by Alex from Blackoath Entertainment, whom I have the pleasure of calling my friend after finishing this project. What is it exactly about? Let me quote:

Seekers Beyond the Shroud is a single-player tabletop RPG immersing the player into a world of occult societies battling for power and magicians performing arcane rituals and sealing pacts with spiritual entities exploring a hidden reality from their underground base in modern day London, UK. They align themselves with different occult orders and secret societies, learn the mysteries of Alchemy and Ritual magic, master spells and astral traveling, and ultimately command a host of spirits to take over both the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Blackoath Entertainment

Even before I started working on it, I knew this is a unique project – and right up my alley. As a big fan of the occult, folklore, hermetic magic, demonology, and dusty tomes, just looking at the art assets made me happy. The evocative, black and white illustrations, angelic seals, magic circles, and a constant feel of arcane danger – I couldn’t say no to such a treat.

We went with a simple and grungy black and white layout and let the art speak for itself.

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