Junior Encyclopedia

This series of kid-friendly encyclopedias published by Nextquisite was an interesting experience. Branching out into the ‘normal’ publishing (as in, not related to roleplaying games, wargames, or board games) is something I’m personally very keen on. Having my background more rooted in book history, publishing, and librarianship (I am a librarian and an infobroker with MA to prove it) than in graphic or game design, I always jump on the opportunities to make more books.

Nextquisite approached me about redesigning their series of encyclopedias to bring them into second decade of the century – they had the books published before and were gearing towards a second, prettier edition.

The idea was to create a colourful, kid-appropriate design that’s going to work well with the rest of the already redesigned range.

With a deadline of two days per book, we ended up putting together eight 32-page books in a little over two weeks:

  • Reptiles
  • Baby Animals
  • Seas & Oceans
  • Planet Earth
  • Solar System
  • Vikings
  • Rome
  • Egypt

As it happens, the series is available to browse online, so please check the rest of the books!

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