Great British Road Trips

Sometimes, the job is about the technical side of design, not just making things pretty. Preparing the Road Trip Planner: Wales guide for David Morris from Great British Road Trips was just one of those.

David had a very precise list of requirements, and he barely needed me for the graphic part of this task. What he was after, was setting him up with a template on that would allow him to not only publish his latest guide on Wales (the one I’ve laid out for him using the Designrr website) but also a convenient way of publishing future road trip planners.

If you’ve never heard about Designrr, it’s a website that helps bloggers and other content creators to re-purpose their posts. It allows for mostly automatic conversion of blog posts into ebooks, ebooks into flip books, etc. It works… fine… if the automatic conversion is your thing.

If you’re after something more complicated than its basic templates cover, using this website requires a fair amount of elbow grease and, let me put it mildly, ingenuity. No matter what it says on the cover, it’s not a layout software, and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

What’s important, though, is that after the initial set-up, David can now easily create future planner on the website of his choice without anybody’s help, which is exactly what he was after!

On the other side, I can now boast an expert level of experience in using Designrr, to the point of overcoming most of its shortcomings :).

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