Glittergold’s Guide to Gambling

If you’re bored of ‘roll to gamble’ in your D&D games, Garl Glittergold smiles upon you! Mostly because Drew Dawes wrote a supplement to make it tons more interesting.

Glittergold’s Guide to Gambling is a convenient little supplement available on Dungeon Masters Guild.

What Drew and I wanted to achieve, was making it the slickest, nicest, most convenient gambling resource for D&D 5e players. Acknowledging the increasing prevalence of tablets during in-person games, and the pandemic-caused switch to the digital tabletop, we made it fully screen-optimized, light as a feather, and horizontal.

And it looks pretty cool.

What we were going for, was the high-end casino feel, with a twist. The twist is mostly the colorful, slightly on-the nose illustrations, mixed with high-polish marbles, whites, blacks, and golds of luxury money-laundering. All hyperlinked throughout and with easy navigation tools on every page, the Guide is dead-easy to use during the game.

This 31-page supplement includes a several games brought to you by the gnomish god of laughter, luck, and all that sparkles, Garl Glittergold.

To make everybody’s life even easier, we also prepared a separate file with player handouts – a ready to print, letter format set of game instructions. Print and hand to the players – or toss on the virtual tabletop’s screen!

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