Clockwork Combat Championship

I love working with DM’s Guild creators as they’re always 100% invested and excited about their new projects, willing to polish them up, and happy to see their Word documents become pretty PDFs.

And Drew… Drew is not only a good writer, he’s also a good person. Clockwork Combat Championship, his creation from RPG Writer Workshop 2019 Summer Course, is a delightful short adventure for characters of any level, and with profits going to Extra Life charity.

As per its DM’s Guild description, Clockwork Combat Championship is a 5th edition one-shot adventure to entertain audiences during charity gaming events, but also fits perfectly within campaigns of any level. It introduces a new character creation method to build your very own combat bot in the Build-A-Bot Workshop! New simplified combat mechanics makes for a fun stand-alone mini game. Clockwork Combat Championship includes:

  • Over 1000 customization combinations in the Build-A-Bot Workshop!
  • Fundraising tips from gnomish god Garl Glittergold.
  • Terrifyingly silly new monsters: Cream Mephits!
  • Role-playing tips for pulling pranks.
  • Design your own deadly traps on the arena floor!
  • Custom created artwork and maps.
  • Fantastical rock gnome inventions!

Drew asked for a proper D&D 5e-ish design, so that’s what we went with, making it a bit more steampunky than usual:

I think it works. Seems I’m not alone in this opinion 🙂

This is a wonderful, festive and fun adventure/ event presented in a thoroughly professional and stylish manner with layout by Anna Urbanek (@2xproficiency,, editing by Cara Dawes (@thecaradee), and gleeful writing by Drew Dawes (@DrewDwarves).

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