Geologist’s Primer: Off to a good start!

Geologist’s Primer is live on Kickstarter.

It’s been live for 18 hours, in fact, and has already smashed through 8 stretch goals. I’m supposed to sit down and write a blog post detailing how it’s going and how I feel about it, but I’m struggling to find words to express myself.

A screenshot from the Kickstarter campaign for Geologist's Primer, showing over 220,000 USD pledged by over 4000 backers with 29 days still to go.

I was never great when it came to talking about my emotions, and the social media’s skin-deep communication style hides this perfectly. Throw some 💖✨💎🌸 around, and you seem fun and relatable.

The truth is, I don’t really have the words right now.

Ever since I started working on Herbalist’s Primer, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. I know: boohoo, every writer’s dream. I appreciate it, love it, and I am really grateful. The first book did amazing, way above any expectations I might have ever had. Geologist’s Primer is shaping up to be a success too. People are already asking for next volumes.

Living the dream.

The Backstory of Geologist’s Primer

The rock book was in the books for the last two years. It’s been a year and a half since I started writing it, back in December 2021, right after I finished with magic plants. I am still writing it – now full time, as opposed to squeezed into every second of free time between commission work. Should be finished soon. 65% of entries are done, about 50% of appendices too. The introductory chapters are drafted, but they’ll be one of the last things I write. In addition, the chapters on practical application of the geological knowledge are shaping up nicely.

The matters of the Kickstarter are expertly handled by the talented team at Hunters Entertainment, and I also couldn’t be more grateful for their support. We have so many things planned together!

Honestly, perfection all around. I couldn’t be happier.

The Way Forward

Thanks to this incredible support of Geologist’s Primer and the partnership with Hunters, we will be able to create a whole series of encyclopedic guides to the natural worlds. All the building blocks are in place, and all I have to do now is finish the book and start writing the next one. Imagine that!

I have received so many sweet, loving messages of support. My eyes are fogging up when I see them or even think about them. You, dearest readers, are the nicest people ever.

Celebrations! 🎉

People tell me that they’re sure I’m celebrating – ask me how I’m celebrating – tell me I must be so very happy – ask me about my happy dances.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in front of my computer, wrapped in a blanket despite 25 degree heat outside. Wrapped in a cocoon of overwhelmed, dissociated numbness. Typing away, rambling away, trying to express my feelings even though I can barely access them. Intellectually, I know this is a beautiful, amazing success, and everyone is right. I should be celebrating. I am, just in a very introverted way.

I am immensely grateful for all messages of support. Thank you, the most heartfelt thank you, from the bottom of my soul.

I’ll get back to writing the book now, okay?

3 Comments on “Geologist’s Primer: Off to a good start!

  1. After this was announced, I was very interested in the project, so I backed it. Years ago, I spent a lot of time studying gems, amassing a large collection of books (and gemstones), even taking a GIA gem course on diamonds. Until I got into gemstones, I didn’t even know they could be bought individually. Gemstones are a particular passion and just about one of the most expensive hobbies to maintain. So, I’m really look forward to it.

  2. When I first saw ‘Herbalist’s Primer’ announced I was so excited for something that was exactly what I was looking for! And at the time I remember thinking almost immediately “this is incredible, I wish there was something like this for rocks and crystals too”. So you can imagine how keenly I’ve been following your work since! The work you do is so wonderful and lovely and I’m keen to see the finished thing!

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