Geologist’s Primer coming to Kickstarter!

It’s happening! The second book in the Primer series is heading to Kickstarter!

In partnership with Hunters Entertainment, we’re bringing Geologist’s Primer to Kickstarter. We’re launching 27th June, in the European evening / US morning. The pre-launch page is live – click here and sign up to be notified when we launch! If you’re willing to read or listen to more of my excited and slightly overwhelmed rambling, there are more details available on our website and on YouTube.

A graphic showing the cover of Geologist's Primer surrounded by drawn crystals. The text reads: "Geologist's Primer on Kickstarter. 27th June." The link leads to the Kickstarter's pre-launch page.
The pre-launch page is live! Click to be notified once the campaign starts!

If you’d like to know more and listen to Anna completely overwhelmed and overjoyed with the whole Kickstarter thing, check out the announcement video below!

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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