The Phantom Manor: A Spooky Ghost Adventure

A cover of The Phantom Manor adventure by Double Proficiency

10 rooms, 13 ghosts, and a mysterious door in the Phantom Manor. Can the adventurers survive until dawn, lift a family curse, and get a new—albeit haunted—house for themselves?

The Phantom Manor is a 40-page adventure fit for adventurers of any game and level. Written by Jakub Wisz and laid out by Anna Urbanek, the adventure continues Double Proficiency’s tradition of most-ages-appropriate content (let’s say, 7+), with little to no mechanics, and focus on creating memorable non-combat encounters.

This haunted mansion adventure can be used in any fantasy setting, including D&D 5e and Pathfinder, but will also work in modern and horror settings with minor changes.

Welcome to the Phantom Manor

An opening spread of the adventure, showing the four levels of the mansion.

This adventure contains everything you need to play except for the rules, as those will come from the game you’re playing. It’s built as a short, spooky story with a slight comedic undertone, with replayability value and an interesting reward adding depth to your party’s downtime activities.

The Phantom Manor’s theme is gothic horror, though it doesn’t introduce gory or particularly unsettling concepts on its own—it’s up to the party and their GM to decide how scary they want to make it. The story is presented through visual storytelling and clues left by the previous denizens, leaving plenty of narrative room for game masters to fill in to make it suit their storytelling style.

The game’s intended as a one-shot or a few game sessions, to be run as a standalone game or as a part of an ongoing campaign. The rewards are intended to add depth to your downtime activities and variety to your travels, not replace your game system’s mechanics.

The PDF version of the adventure allows the game master to keep track of the game as you play it. We have introduced drop-down boxes, check boxes, and other methods of making sure you don’t have to take separate notes as the PCs investigate the manor. They might get lost – but you will not!

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The Phantom Manor

Ten rooms, thirteen ghosts, and a magical door leading nobody knows where—all shrouded in the mystery of the Rosebloom family’s tragedy.

Will the adventurers find a way to break the curse—or will they fall prey to the malevolent specters inhabiting the place?

A system-agnostic gothic horror adventure for characters of any level.

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