Project Aphelion is Live!

Project Aphelion, the biggest ever undertaking by Double Proficiency, is now live – check out the new website and a unique TTRPG strategy experience.

For the last couple of years, Jakub and I have been working on Project Aphelion: a multi-branched tabletop RPG project focusing on what we like best: player agency, competent characters, freedom of choice, and low-prep GMing.

You’ve seen us talk bits and bobs about the project:

And now it’s time to spill the beans.

What is Project Aphelion?

Project Aphelion is a multi-branched tabletop RPG project by Double Proficiency.

Designed to make life easy for all players (game masters included!), Project Aphelion introduces:

  • easy-to-grasp mechanics with endless modability,
  • a self-balancing game algorithm with focus on player agency,
  • a choose-your-own-adventure group character generation,
  • a system of cards to keep the game flowing without digging in the rulebook,
  • several game modes (with or without a GM, solo, or as a strategy board game),
  • a unique system for creating scenarios and campaigns with minimal preparation time!

The whole project is more than just a bunch of rules! Within it, we’re planning to release:

  • Aphelion Toolkit: a stand-alone book with all base game rules, full of flowcharts, guides, algorithms, and tooltips for creating the best gaming experience,
  • Settings: a heist & strategy sci-fi Aphelion and a survival & exploration game of cosmic horror and wonder, Aurorae.
  • Fiction: the first novel set in the world of Aphelion, Incitatus, is soon going to be available for preorders! More to come!

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