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It’s been a while since we’ve set up our support page, and the Patreon benefits really were due and update. Click to see what we’re offering now to our Patrons!

When we first launched our Patreon page back in June 2020, we haven’t expected the outpouring of support we received. Now, at the beginning of 2022, we’re supported by almost 100 Patrons – some of them with us right from the beginning!

Thanks to that support, we have managed to write and successfully crowdfund Herbalist’s Primer. That was a year and a half of work I couldn’t have afforded to do otherwise! To say ‘thank you’ to our Patrons, we have started both Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery and Wayfarer’s Deck series.

Basically, everything we’ve released so far has been created thanks to the support of our Patrons. We appreciate their generosity more than the words can express.

Patreon Benefits Thus Far

For the last year and a half, we’ve been operating on a fairly straightforward set-up. Every month, we deliver a small TTRPG project (usually a Globetrotter’s Guide) to our Supporters, with an addition of a bigger TTRPG project (usually a Wayfarer’s Deck) to Auxiliaries, and everything we’ve made to Champions. On all tiers, we were also sharing the progress of Herbalist’s Primer, as digital postcards, full plant entries, and even lore chapters – ultimately, the full book and Kickstarter stretch goals. Everybody also gets secret previews on our Discord server, gets news and invites to playtests, and can vote on future projects.

However, the way the tiers were written was rather rigid: Globetrotter’s Guide here, Wayfarer’s Deck there, and no place for experimenting with new projects. And we like experimenting!

So, with Herbalist’s Primer finally done and dusted, the time has come to clean up the Patreon.

The New Benefit Structure

We have kept our basic structure, with three tiers corresponding to ‘small package’, ‘medium package’, and ‘all in’. In addition, we’re releasing content from Geologist’s Primer on the same terms as with the previous book.

A graphic showing three tiers on Double Proficiency Patreon page: Supporter, Auxiliary, and Champion. The details are listed below in the post.

In practice, not much changes for our current Patrons, but the benefits are now more transparent for new supporters. We have also opened ourselves the door to make new and exciting content, outside of our usual series of guides and decks. We want to explore new options and follow our passions, not feel constricted by self-imposed limitations.

A New Chapter Opens

What does it mean for the future?

First of all, I want to try my hands at adventure writing. I’ve been sitting for a while on a teenage romance drama with feyfolk. I haven’t found the time to finish it, between working on the Kickstarter stretch goals, the book, Patreon benefits, and commissions. I’d like to finish this adventure, I think it’s very neat.

We’re working hard on Aphelion Toolkit and the two settings for it: Project Aphelion (hard sci-fi strategy & heists) and Aurorae (deep space fantasy adventuring & exploration). We want to focus on releasing those, together with smaller rules add-ons, like Duelist and Conqueror.

Here’s a list of smaller projects that we want to work on. I’m looking forward to finally giving them a go now, after we have released ourselves from obligation of doing the two specific things each month. We will still be releasing new content each month – but it will be more varied, whimsical, and fun to make.

  • Herbalist’s Primer D&D 5e companion – something that was often requested, a set of rules for herbalism that can be directly transplanted into the game, with the plants & preparations having mechanical benefits.
  • Fey-themed teenage romance drama adventure, system-neutral.
  • A guide to magical familiars.
  • ‘Adventurer’s Monthly,’ a potential zine filled with small TTRPG content: tables, essays, custom spells and mechanics, etc.
  • Indie RPG reviews.
  • Cool cryptid thing.
  • Magic mushrooms.
  • Legendary items – ie. magical items inspired by legends of the world
  • Magic plants of folklore.
  • Deck of Many Things – an illustrated deck of concentrated chaos.
  • Fairy Godmother warlock patron / subclass for D&D 5e
  • Coloring books.
  • Random generators.
  • Lot of things about shapeshifting, as it’s my current special interest.

As you can see, a lot of cool thing are coming to our Patreon this year, and I really hope you’ll like them. Consider joining us if you haven’t yet!

The banner leading to the Double Proficiency Patreon

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