February Patreon Package!

The Patreon packages have been delivered, and they’re chock-full of stuff! Take a look at what we’ve been up to lately.

If you haven’t seen our Patreon site, it’s right here!

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It was a long month for us – we both caught COVID at the beginning of the month, then spent the last week and a half catching up on work (the process still in progress). However, we’re excited to send our Patrons this month’s package of our projects!

This is mostly a cross-post from Patreon’s update.

Herbalist’s Primer stretch goals

Look at that, all the stretch goals! I have spent most of this month working on fulfilling the rest of the Kickstarter obligations, now that the book is in print and counts as a closed project for me (thankfully, I’m not responsible for printing and distribution).

  • Song of the Hedge (€5+): a 24-page adventure about helping a hedgehog in his epic quest, written by Jakub. I think it’s absolutely delightful. It is system-neutral and can be played in literally any game, so please give it a try!
  • Herbalist’s Notebook (€5+): a convenient (I hope) place to make your own herbarium, put together recipes, and come up with magical plants while you play a game. Also, note space and coloring pieces.
  • Herbalist’s Poster (€5+): A double-sided poster with all plants from the book and the plant generation tables. Might be useful at the table.
  • Herbalist’s Adventure Seeds (€10+): a deck of 100 plant-based quest ideas and plot hooks written by Jakub and me – one for each plant in the book.
  • Herbalist’s Flash Cards (€20+): a deck of 100 double-sided flash cards with concise data on all the plants in the book.
  • Herbalist’s Primer ebook (€20+): in addition to last month’s PDF, here’s an EPUB and MOBI in case you prefer to read on PDF-incompatible devices. (I’m a Kindle person.)

Geologist’s Primer

I am so happy with this project. I think it’s going to be even more fun than the Herbalist’s – writing about shiny rocks and magic items gives me more space for creativity than the medicinal plants, where I was confined to the self-imposed Not-Spewing-Medical-Misinformation. I hope our Patrons like it too!

  • Postcards (€5+): I’ve managed to write and illustrated 4 entries this month between all the other work! It’s actually much faster than writing about plants, either because the topic fits me more or because I got – imagine that – better at research / writing over the *almost two years* of near-daily writing.
  • Rock Spreads (€10+): Say hello to all the data on aluminum, amber, amethyst, and ammolite. They are all very fun and usable in RPGs, take them for a spin!
  • Lore Spreads (€20+): I’m working on the lore chapters in my free time – this month, you’re getting the references and extra context for the first five entries.

Wayfarer’s Deck

This month, we went underground! In the Depths of the Earth, we give you encounters, findings, traps, and vistas for adventurers traveling through caves, mines, and dungeons.

  • Sample (€5+): 10 cards for you, illustrated, alt-texted, and all fancy.
  • Full Deck (€10+): 50 cards full of ideas.

What about other projects?

Unsurprisingly, we’re working on a bunch of other things. Let me just quickly give you a run down.

  • Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: I think this series will be on a hiatus, at least for a while. I’ve covered most of cool biomes, and I found myself uninspired to work more on this right now. We have a plan to turn this series into a full book at some point, but it’s not a priority (I’m already writing a book, after all). 
  • New projects: Instead of GGG, I’d like to stretch my legs outside of the environmental topics – maybe some adventures, something more magical? I have this strong desire to write some supplements about shapeshifting and familiars that can be used in RPGs. Maybe even a highly requested D&D 5e supplement for Herbalist’s Primer, to flesh out the herbalism and alchemy mechanics? What do you think?
  • Aphelion Toolkit: Jakub is currently finishing up the choose-your-own-adventure character generation, and then we’re done! The playtests are continuing, and I think this will be a really cool thing that we’ll be releasing sometime in the summer. Please stay tuned!
  • Incitatus: Jakub’s sci-fi thriller novel is ready, and we’re preparing for the pre-order campaign and the later release. After all, we’re officially a publishing company, as far as the Finnish government is concerned! If you’re interested in reading this tense, character-driven novel ahead of time, send us a message and we’ll be happy to send you a review copy as soon as I’m done with the layout 🙂

Alright, I think it’s all for now! We’ll keep on working and making cool stuff, and appreciating our Patrons continued support. If you’d like to become one, just come join us here.

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