Herbalist’s Primer Production Updates

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A general update on the progress of the Herbalist’s Primer Kickstarter campaign fulfillment! Check out all the cool stuff.

Kickstarter Update

Exalted Funeral and I posted this on the Kickstarter page as well, but I wanted to bring the news home: the Digital Bundle is now out and delivered to the backers via Backerkit!

The contents of my ‘Herbalist’s Primer Digital Bundle’ folder

I’ve written about the process of production of the stretch goals here, so you can read up exactly what I thought about making the flash cards (I’m not of the highest opinion). However, a couple backers have suggested that I should make a version of flashcards for home-printing, so I suppose my work here is not yet done. And I completely agree: from the accessibility standpoint, this will be a good improvement. Well, live and learn!

A comment from the Herbalist’s Primer Kickstarter campaign.

Physical Goods Delivery

That’s… Gonna take a while. The global supply chain issues have hit us too, and while we are doing our best, the physical version will be delayed. Let me quote Cristin from Exalted Funeral:

There has, however, been a delay in the book printing due to a global paper supply issue as well as a paper strike in Finland that has slightly delayed the production. The latest information we have from the printer is a projected completion date for printing of mid April. We anticipate the books arriving to our warehouses in the EU, UK, and US throughout the month of May. This pushes the timeline for fulfillment back to around early June. While this is not ideal, the reality is that we are beholden to the supply issues resulting from delays due to COVID.

Well, no matter how much we try, there is no helping that. I’m glad we could get all the digital goods to the backers already – it does make me feel better about the whole situation. We did what we could: provided all the content that the backers have helped us create. The rest of Herbalist’s Primer as a project is up to third-parties over which I have no control.

Thank you all for your patience! We’re doing our best, and we’ll keep doing our best regardless of global paper shortages.

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  1. As far as those who weren’t able to Kickstart, will the digital version of the book go for sale before the physical book hits stores? My wife and I were very excited for the Kickstarter, but were unable to donate then. Now we’ve both got better jobs and are excited to at least get our hands on a digital version.

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