Grasslands Encounters

Go on a hike of a lifetime and try these 10+ grassland encounters for your D&D and other TTRPG game! The adventures await!

A hike of a lifetime

A sea of grass stretches out to the horizon, sparsely accentuated with shrubs and trees. A giant herd of massive herbivores moves slowly some distance away from you, grazing on the greens in their constant migration. The birds are circling above your head. From behind the hill to your right, you can hear people talking, toiling away in the hot midday sun, working their fields.

It’s a bright, beautiful day, and nothing bad is about to happen… You’d see that coming from far away, right?

1. City of Tents

A couple of people preparing a meal under a tent.

You stumble upon a wide semicircle of tents splayed amidst the plains. The denizens, claiming to be a group of nomads, invite you to rest your feet at their camp and exchange news.

2. The Circle

A circle in the grass in a valley

A wide swath of grass lies on the ground, bent unnaturally by an unknown force. The resulting pattern resembles a circle filled with complex lines and geometric symbols.

3. The Gift

A lightning bolt hitting the ground right next to a scarecrow.

A sudden thunder out of clear, blue skies strikes a stone’s throw away. The grass vaporized instantly, and the sand beneath melted. Curiously, the molten sand solidified in a near-perfect shape of an arrow.

4. The Contest

A shepherd looking after their sheep by a pond.

A group of shepherds organized a festive contest to the enjoyment of themselves and their docile pupils observing their feats of strength and fitness. They gladly invite you to compete against them, welcoming the change of pace.

5. The Trickster

A small red fox under a shrub.

Whelps and cries resembling those of a human baby carry far through the night. Eerie laughter and high-pitched howling betray a frolicking fox—either that or condemned souls escaped the underworld.

6. Field Work

Two farmers resting under orange trees.

Farmers toiling under the midday sun greet you warmly and offer respite and ale in exchange for help. Time goes fast when working hard; soon the sun sets, and the feasting starts.

7. The Compass

A hand holding a compass. The needle points towards the person holding the device.

A traveling salesperson offers to sell magical and wondrous objects, like this compass pointing towards the nearest treasure. As you approach to investigate, the compass needle turns towards you.

8. Slither

A small grass snake tasting the air.

Something just slithered on your foot. There is no sign of the intruder anywhere around you, leaving you wondering if it was a snake or your imagination.

9. The Friar

Barrels of wine, ready for transport

A monk laments by a cart with a broken wheel. He was transporting a barrel of the monastery’s finest wine to the village, but now he’ll never make it there before the summer festivities are over.

10. White Wings

A white-winged butterfly in the darkness.

A white butterfly flutters in the air, heading towards an unassuming crack in the ground. More and more insects follow in its footsteps, crawling into the crevice, never to be seen again.

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