Geologist’s Primer: We’re On!

After magical plants, the time has come to focus on something new: magical metals, minerals, and rocks. From agate to zircon, Geologist’s Primer will be shiny!

What is This Book?

After the resounding success of Herbalist’s Primer, our illustrated guide to real-world magical plants and thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our Kickstarter backers, my dream of creating a series of primers may actually become a reality.

A graphic showing a spread from Herbalist's Primer about vervain.

Geologist’s Primer will be an illustrated guide to real-world magical metals, rocks, and minerals.

With a similar structure as the previous book, Geologist’s Primer will be a mix of geology, metallurgy, witchcraft, occult, folklore, and roleplaying games! I want this book to be a one-stop place for writers, game masters, and players.

I’m planning to cover various aspects of geology as practically used in RPGs:

  • mining (methods, threats, opportunities, ways of finding precious metals and minerals)
  • blacksmithing
  • gem cutting and jewelry making
  • crystal magic (for healing, divination, and spellcasting)
  • stone magic (obelisks, geomancy, ley lines)
  • good, old-school alchemy (the gold-making one)
  • and, of course, 100 entries about more or less popular metals and minerals, with all their industrial, artistic, and magical properties.

To round things up, I’m also including a couple of materials that are not technically metals or minerals, but are either things that can be mined (fossils, ice, fulgurite) or are used in jewelry and widely considered gems (pearls, amber, ivory). They just fit!

The Pretty Aspect of Geologist’s Primer

The book will be fully illustrated, just like the previous one!

A watercolor illustration from Geologist's Primer showing four variants of agate: a natural banded geode, a slice of agate dyed blue, a polished green moss agate, and a raw black of dendritic agate.

How Do I Get This?

Writing and illustrating a book like this takes a long time – a year at least. If you’re interested in the project and want to support it, join our Patreon! Each month, our lovely Patrons will receive everything I’ve made for the book so far. Depending on the tier, it’s illustrated digital postcards, full entries, or even all the extra material written for the book!

Our Patrons are also receiving monthly packages with fresh Globetrotter’s Guides and Wayfarer’s Decks, so the value is high and only overshadowed by the depth of our gratitude.

The banner leading to the Double Proficiency Patreon

If you don’t want to join the Patreon, you can still follow the news by joining our newsletter through the form below or follow me and Jakub on Twitter!

EDIT: Many of you have asked me whether the book will be also released on Kickstarter. I don’t know. We’ll see what’s the state of the world when the book is closer to the finish line – and what Kickstarter is going to do about their ridiculous blockchain plans.

12 Comments on “Geologist’s Primer: We’re On!

  1. Wouldn’t this book be in Kickstarter too? It would be perfect that all of us could get every Primer that you create to have the full collection!

    • I’m not planning the funding and distribution yet – I’m not sure if it’ll land on Kickstarter, but it will be definitely made available for purchase one way or another. I have a whole series planned!

  2. Although I came across you on Kickstarter and backed the Herbalists, I won’t be backing future projects on Kickstarter due to their blockchain nonsense. And although I likely can’t justify Patreon and will wait for the complete book in hardcover glory, I do look forward to seeing this primer – and likely future ones if they are interesting as this pair seem to be!

  3. I’m not a fan of pdfs so will be holding on for the physical copy but I am very much looking forward to seeing it in my grubby paws.

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  6. I also will be really looking forward to the physical copy, hopefully it will be possible to get the same options for the cover as the herbalists primer. I love it when my sets match!

    • Me too! Rest assured, if it’s in any way possible, we’ll go for the same format and set-up for the second book – and hopefully, the whole series afterwards.

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  8. Wha- This is AMAZING!
    You’ll have to wait until I get my Herbalist’s Primer before I jump on this one. But do colour me interested! And a possible series, oh my!

    • Oh, of course! The Geologist’s Primer won’t be ready until next year anyway, and even that is a hopeful estimate. I’m literally just working on entry no. 32 right now!
      Thank you for supporting the Herbalist’s Primer! 🌸

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