Herbalist’s Primer is out!

Herbalist's Primer hardcover book lying in the grass, between various herbs.

by Anna Urbanek

The digital version of Herbalist’s Primer has just been delivered to the Kickstarter backers, and the first reviews are beyond our hopes!

By now, all Kickstarter backers have received their download links – and our Patrons on Patreon had theirs too. And oh, they had opinions.

Good opinions.

I struggle to find the words to express how much this book and its reception means to me. When I started writing it in May 2020, I was mostly trying to cheer myself up, fight down the pandemic blues by doing what I love most: doodling flowers and waste inordinate amount of time reading occult books. Never have I ever expected this to resonate with so many people. No, really: just see what I wrote about it last year’s September.

For my debut book to find such wide audience and so much support – it’s an incredible privilege, surprise, and a stroke of luck that amazes me every time I think about it. After a year and a half, I should be able to speak coherently about it – but no, I’m still astounded.

Let’s move on from the feelings, okay? Professional efficiency is more of my thing.

Herbalist’s Primer in reviews!

Our Kickstarter backers were more than kind in their reviews. Here’s just but a few: 💖

Oh wow. This is absolutely gorgeous and I simply cannot wait for the physical product to arrive. I am in awe!

S Naomi Scott on Kickstarter

I’m so excited for this physical book! I peeked at the pdf (I much prefer physical book reading, so I’m going to wait to dig in!), and it looks amazing. As a witchy person who is really bad with plant stuffs (but who always wants to know the stories behind things) and who adores all things RPG, this is like the best of crossovers!

Jennifer Bisson on Kickstarter

Absolutely WONDER filled! I stayed up most of the night reading and delighting in the illustrations. I am so excited to have this to share with my son on Solstice! Thank you for the early digital release. This was a sweet surprise during the darkest days of the year. Happy Solstice to you too 🙂

Drew Raine on Kickstarter

The reviews on Goodreads are making me cry. If you liked the book and have a minute, please consider dropping a rating or a review there – this is our biggest chance to break into mainstream book publishing, which is our dream.

Full reviews of Herbalist’s Primer are also being published, and all I can say is: thank you. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate you taking the time to look at this book at tell other about it. I am humbled and grateful.

FriendlyBard.com: Friendly Bard Reviews: Herbalist’s Primer by Anna Urbanek

Would you like to review it too?

We have review copies available – just send us a message though the contact form, preferably including a link to your website/channel. To make your life easier, we put together a presskit with links and illustrations that might come in handy. There’s also a 60-page sample you can share with your fans, friends, and viewers.

I missed the Kickstarter, where can I get the book?

It is not yet available in retail. Originally, we have only planned to release the digital version once the printed is ready, but we’ve decided to give our backers an early gift for the solstice holidays. It is currently only available for the backers, for our Patrons (including new ones, so feel free to join), and as an advanced reading copy for reviewers.

It will be available in print and digital form in the spring through Exalted Funeral and chosen retailers.

Hope you like it then, too! 🌸

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