Interview at Dungeons & Degrees Podcast!

Jakub talks about Duelist, designing system-agnostic mechanics, and has his computer possibly explode in the Dungeons & Degrees podcast!

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The lovely folks at Dungeons & Degrees, Alex and Adrian, sat down with Jakub one beautiful evening to chat about his inspirations, experience with TTRPG and game mastering, Shadowrun mechanics, and different philosophies of game design.

Click below to listen to Jakub talking about Duelist and Conqueror, players’ agency, his favorite types of characters, and GM’s improv. Also, Aurorae playtests.

So, so many cool things. Give the podcast a listen!

In case you missed it…

This is not our first appearance on Dungeons & Degrees podcast! A couple months ago, Anna said a lot rambling words about Herbalist’s Primer (which is officially out as of today!)

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