December on Patreon: Underwater Adventures

This month, our Patrons go on a deep dive into the dark, cold waters, to frolic with dolphins, merfolk, and anglerfish. New releases on Patreon!

A dark shadow of a massive fish swims through the waters.

What’s New on Patreon?

We have just released the December package of goodies into the wild, containing the following:

Wayfarer’s Deck: Underwater Kingdoms

Eleventh deck in our series! This time, it’s full of fish, underwater exploration, merfolk, caves, sneaky octopuses, and suspiciously glowing orbs, ready to be pondered.

The cover of Wayfarer's Deck: Underwater Kingdoms, now available on Patreon.

Globetrotter’s Guide to Greenery: Seas & Oceans

A system-agnostic biome guide to underwater adventuring, complete with a bunch of plants, sensory descriptions, threats, and animals. Part of the series!

Well, technically, it’s not yet there, because my old-old computer has refused to work with Photoshop anymore, and I’m currently switching to a new machine – but it’ll be added to the folders ASAP.

Cover of Globetrotter's Guide to Greenery: Seas & Oceans.

Herbalist’s Primer

That’s right, out $20+ Champions on Patreon have just received a PDF copy of my debut book, and I am super excited to learn what they think about it. The Kickstarter backers will get it this week too, but it needs to go through the Backerkit 🙂

In any case, if you liked the book, please consider leaving a rating and/or review for it on Goodreads. I’d love to hear your thoughts – and I’d love for this book to reach a wider audience.

Cover of Herbalist's Primer, now available on Patreon.

Secret notes on Geologist’s Primer!

Oh yeah, it is on. I’ve finished the outline for the next book, and our Patrons now know what’s gonna be in it. Very much looking forward to hearing their thoughts on the matter – maybe somebody has a cool rock they’d like to see featured! 💎

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