Project Aphelion Solo Play #031: Where Two Are Fighting

After the big OOF of the previous episode, it’s time to get back to strategizing. We’ve made a lot of progress in several areas lately, we have some unfinished threads, and it’s high time to bring it all together. Let’s take the blood mage down a notch!

Or, let’s make popcorn and watch him destroy himself, while we’re taking care of personal growth. Seeing your enemies suffer is self-care. For some people.


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The Blood Feud

We made a beautiful mess in d’Venescu’s life with our false-flagged attack. It feels good. Here’s where we stand currently:

  • Getting a Life Campaign Progress: 78/100
  • Destroying Your Enemy Campaign Progress: 42/150 (42/50; 0/40; 0/30; 0/20; 0/10) (4 projects/scenarios so far)
  • D’Venescu’s Resources: 28+1,325c

We also removed his R3 Investigative Crew, which means that his Faction currently looks like this:

d’VenescuR5Social (exclusive defense)
Crew R3
Investigative (hostile growth)Other
(exclusive defense)
add 2 priority to Projects already at the highest Payout.

If you remember, d’Venescu was running three projects:

  • the investigation with his R3 Investigative Crew,
  • the R3 Social Crew was providing the investigation with Social Clout,
  • a hired facility was providing the investigation with Warfare Resistance.

An an Excessive Faction, d’Venescu is prone to putting all eggs in one basket, and well – we have just blown up the basket. All three projects automatically fail, and the blood mage is left with his R3 Social Crew in Exclusive Defense. And guess what: he was just hit by Aztechnology (yay, false flags!), because they really, really hate his guts. At this point, it’s him or them, and he knows that.

On paper, he’s winning: Aztech is a smaller Faction and they have a single Asset at a lower Rating than his.

(exclusive growth)
Fleet R2: a flying lab for magical research
Technical (exclusive defense)Other
(hostile growth)
add 2 priority to hostile Projects targeting a Faction who run a hostile Project against them in the past Cycle.

However, unlike d’Venescu, they have basically unlimited Resources. A note: normally, I’d just assign them Resources = Faction Rating x10. Even if this wouldn’t be the full corporation’s budget, it would show how much they’re willing to spend. However, this is Aztechnology: the only megacorp in Shadowrun’s universe that puts vengeance, pride, and making a statement above the company’s return on investment. If you cross them, they’ll hunt you down, no matter the cost. So, because of this specific element of the world I’m playing in, Aztech has infinite Resources for their match with d’Venescu.

D’Venescu has not.

In the last weeks, Aztech stripped him of intel and forced his investigators to resign under mysterious circumstances. What should the blood mage do? Just like us in the last Scenario’s Finale, he knows he cannot make any progress in his main task – Aztechnology doesn’t want him to find Chloe and Fayette, and they’re willing to fight him for it. This means they need to go down. He needs to attack if he wants to protect his Assets and prevent other Factions from interacting with them (which is the definition of exclusive defense, his main behavior).

Now, what avenues of attack does he have? His Faction is currently Social/x – whatever is the next, non-Social Asset, will define the Secondary Focus. Aztechnology is in Scientific/x. With Aztech’s 4 dice in Scientific, he can’t win, unless he hires enough Scientific Assets to change the Primary Focus of his Faction. However, his 5 dice in Social are currently opposed with 1 dice on the Aztech side – a huge advantage and one that Aztech cannot overcome (even if they hired enough Social Assets to flip their Faction back to Social, they would still only have 4 dice there, as a R4 Faction.) D’Venescu already has a Social Asset, so using this Focus to attack Aztechnology will be the cheapest and most convenient for him.

D’Venescu’s main problems are currently lack of assets and running out of money. He can’t long-term hire a Crew for his Faction (because they cost 10 x Rating, so he could only get R2). He could short-term hire people, like he did with his Investigative team, but this is also going to cost him dearly. What is most cost-effective, is trying to steal / bribe away Aztechnology’s Science Fleet! As far as d’Venescu is concerned, they are the people responsible for removing his Investigative Crew: it was obviously done by magic (it WAS a Scientific/Investigative Scenario, after all), and Aztech HAS a bunch of mages as their sole Asset.

Coincidence? I think NOT!

(Just some underhanded plotting by a little birb who strategizes while watching movies in bed with her fiancé. This is totally not how I run this campaign in real life; what 4th wall?)

Now, to run an Extraction Project, one needs access to an Assessment Facility – a type of Investigative Facility.

(Yes, it’s technically possible to do every project by a Crew, without Facilities, but it’s expensive in the long run and ties down the Crew for too long – they could be running Scenarios in that time. Also, it’s more of an option for the players’ Faction, so they can do things without having to build a base of operations.)

D’Venescu doesn’t have access to that Facility, but his Social Crew can find him one. The dice have decided that there’s one for hire at R2 from a R4 Faction – The Crew needs to run a project to find and negotiate use of it (standard R3 Crew deployment costs + 250c for hiring the Facility, which leaves the blood mage at 27+4,575c), which they complete within one day (April 4th) and are free do do other things, while the Facility prepares the Extraction Scenario for them. The Extraction Project targets a R2 Asset, which means it has a Challenge of 10. The hired Faction rolls its 4v4 and scores 10 marks in 4 days (by April 8th). We’ll cover this project with Dzitbalchen’s Stealth Deployment – for obvious reasons, d’Venescu doesn’t want Aztechnology to know he’s plotting against them!

Now, if I were d’Venescu, I’d focus on strengthening my Faction – preferably though Exclusive Growth. However, His Excessive trait and Exclusive Defense don’t really lend themselves to long-term wealth generation and sustainable growth of a Faction. The priority system wants him to focus on his main objective – which is, in this case, taking down Aztechnology as quickly as possible. That’s why d’Venescu is starting his own structured campaign of destroying Aztechnology – at least to the point where they can no longer interfere with his investigation. As they’re a Faction R4, he needs 40 Payouts to take them down to R3. His R3 Crew will start working on the Project to prepare the first Scenario for this purpose. They’re not targeting any Assets, so I’ll just make a median roll to establish the Payout of this Scenario – landed on a 6. Preparing the Scenario takes them (5v3=4+5) two days (by April 6th).

As Dzitbalchen is busy covering their tracks elsewhere, this operation will not be a secret – however, Aztech doesn’t have the Facilities and Crews able to run interference, and they don’t have the time to hire anybody to protect themselves.

On April 7th, d’Venescu’s R3 Social Crew makes its move against Aztechnology. We never looked too closely at his Crew because it wasn’t necessary, so I’ll roll for the set-up of it. Looks like the Crew is actually two people, one R2 and one R1. After paying standard deployment costs, d’Venescu is sitting at 27+3,075c

R3 Crew: 3 dice, 3 skill, 3 Resistance, 3 Clout, 2 soak, 2 automarks. Scenario Payout 6.

Legwork: 3v3=1+3 +2 automarks, 0 net (finished by April 8th).
Threat Rating: 6v7 = 3 (-2 soak) + 2 (-2 soak) = 1. TR 1-0 = 1
Challenge: Payout + 1 = 7.

D’Venescu’s Crew needs to score 7 marks. They’re rolling 3 v 6 – 3 (skill) +6 (Payout Resistance) – 3 (Clout) = 3v6, and start with 2 automarks. Scenario rolls 6 v 6 -2 (number of Actors) + 3 (Resistance) = 6v7, and gets hit with 2 points of Soak each interval.

T1: Offense: 3v6=2 + 2 automarks = 4. MT 4/7. Defense: 6v7=3 -2 soak = 1. MT 3/7
T2: Offense: 3v6=2. MT 5/7. Defense: 6v7=3 -2 soak = 1. MT 4/7
T3: Offense: 3v6=1. MT 5/7. Defense: 6v7=2 -2 soak = 0. MT 5/7
T4: Offense: 3v6=2. MT 7/7. Defense: 6v7=1 -2 soak = 0. MT 7/7
Offense wins, with 0 net marks.

Consequences: median roll 5, no consequences.
Scenario completed by April 9th.

By April 9th, d’Venescu has made first progress in his Destroy Aztechnology campaign, scoring 6/40 points there. And he’s ready to hit them again, as the stealthily deployed Crew is about to steal Aztech’s R2 Fleet.


Aztechnology knew about this first attack coming, and the moment d’Venescu started working on it, it was public knowledge (they’re obviously monitoring the actions of their most hostile competitor). They may not have had the time to interfere with the Scenario Project, but they did have the time to hire a Crew – remember that Freelance Crew floating in the area, waiting to be hired? This one, specifically?

Well, Aztechnology’s Science Fleet will first run a project to negotiate the hiring of the Crew (they’re Scientific as well, which lets them use their main Focus), scoring the necessary 5 marks in 3 days (4v4=2+1+4), by April 7th. The hired R5 Crew will start working on a project to remove d’Venescu’s R3 Social Crew from the game – they have 4 Azzie Scientific dice + their Focus of 5, and they need to score 15 marks to prepare this project. Will they manage before d’Venescu hits Aztechnology’s Fleet? Rolling 4v1, they score 15 marks in 4 days, by April 11th. Then they need to run a Scenario with Payout 6.


On April 10th, d’Venescu’s R3 Crew starts the Scenario to take over the R2 Fleet. It’s not a hard Scenario – the Payout is only 3 – but it will still take them 2 days to pull off, meaning it will be completed by April 12th. After paying deployment costs, he’s at 27+1,575c

R3 Crew: 3 dice, 3 skill, 3 Resistance, 3 Clout, 2 soak, 2 automarks. Scenario Payout 3.

Legwork: 3v3=2 +2 automarks, 1 net (finished by April 11th).
Threat Rating: 3v7 = 1 (-2 soak) = 0. TR 0-1 = 0 (I’m sorry, math – this is how we roll)
Challenge: Payout + 0 = 3.

D’Venescu’s Crew needs to score 3 marks. They’re rolling 3 v 6 – 3 (skill) +3 (Payout Resistance) – 3 (Clout) = 3v3, and start with 2 automarks. Scenario rolls 3 v 6 -2 (number of Actors) + 3 (Resistance) = 2v7, and gets hit with 2 points of Soak each interval.

T1: Offense: 3v3=3 + 2 automarks = 5. MT 5/3. Defense: 3v7=0 -2 soak = 1. MT 5/3
Offense wins, with 2 net marks.

Consequences: median roll 7+2, positive consequence with magnitude 4.
Rolled a 2: “A Contact gives the player Faction a freebie. Generate a Scenario furthering the Campaign Goals with Payout equal to magnitude.” – looks like this freshly acquired Asset came with their own ideas of taking down Aztechnology!

Scenario completed by April 12th – Aztechnology loses its R2 Scientific Fleet, which joins d’Venescu’s Faction.

On April 12th, d’Venescu becomes a R5 Social/Scientific Faction, with a R3 Social Crew and R2 Scientific Fleet. His behavior in the Scientific Focus is, surprisingly, beneficial offense – looks like the blood mage has realized he has barely any allies (none save Dzitbalchen) and needs to work on that! After all, his exclusive defense didn’t bring him much success.

On the same April 12, Aztechnology loses its sole asset and becomes a rather unstable Faction: any new Asset added to the Faction will most probably change it into another Focus. They may have infinite Resources for the purposes of this game, but that doesn’t mean they get to break all the game rules – the matter of available Assets is and will be up to the dice. We know there’s a R5 Scientific/Investigative Freelance Crew for hire (we’ll get to them soon), and there might be somebody available at the hiring board.

But meanwhile, the R5 Freelance Crew is running a Scenario to take down d’Venescu’s Social Crew. Somebody has poked the bear and somebody’s gotta pay. For the purposes of everything, the Freelance Crew is actually one R4 person and their R1 sidekick. A master and an apprentice, apparently!

R5 Crew: 5 dice, 5 skill, 5 Resistance, 5 Clout, 3 soak, 3 automarks. Scenario Payout 6.

Legwork: 5v1=5 +3 automarks, 2 net (finished by April 12th).
Threat Rating: 6v9 = 0 (-3 soak) = 0. TR 0-1 = 0
Challenge: Payout + 0 = 6.

Freelance Crew needs to score 6 marks. They’re rolling 5 v 6 – 5 (skill) +6 (Payout Resistance) – 5 (Clout) = 5v2, and start with 3 automarks. Scenario rolls 6 v 6 -2 (number of Actors) + 5 (Resistance) = 6v9, and gets hit with 3 points of Soak each interval. This will be quick and painful for d’Venescu.

T1: Offense: 5v2=4 + 2 automarks = 6. MT 6/6. Defense: 6v9=0 -2 soak = 0. MT 6/6
Offense wins, with 0 net marks (by April 13th).

Consequences: median roll 7, no consequences.

By April 13th, d’Venescu loses his R3 Social Crew and flips to a R5 Scientific/x Faction, as this stolen R2 Fleet is his only Asset! Looks like the kid gloves are off, and the blood mage is going to focus on blood-magicking his way through the plot. Which is, honestly, only fitting.

I’ll end it here, for now. We’ve caused a terrible, bloody feud between the two Factions and are still happily flying below the radar, so… why not do some more damage and then enjoy the carnage from a safe and remote location, while we’re working on achieving other goals?

Meanwhile, Us (Somewhat of a Villain)

With our move against d’Venescu, we’ve bought ourselves the most important Resource of the Faction Layer: time. We’ve finished the previous Scenario on April 3rd, and both Aztech and d’Venescu keep themselves occupied until April 13th at least. This gives us a unique opportunity to pull off some shenanigans.

As you may or may not remember, the consequence of Chloe’s hacking Scenario was a potential next Scenario, with Payout 6 – this saves us the need to run a project to prepare the Scenario, but we still need to go through legwork and execution. This will be a Scenario targeted against d’Venescu, of course – but as we’re happily sitting on the sidelines and we don’t want the blood mage to even look in our direction, we still need to run a project to false-flag it as Aztechnology, which takes us 4 days (by April 7th). This means on April 8th, we can start the final push to reduce d’Venescu’s Faction Rating to R4, leveling the field for Aztechnology.

But it’s April 4th today, and we have unresolved consequences from the previous Scenario: Delta Labs, Inc. is a new R3 Scientific/Investigative Faction willing to commit 16 Payouts worth of projects to further Tomorrow’s personal goals. Which is a perfect opportunity to do something I’ve been planning on for a while: upgrade our Faction.

But first, some skill learning, because we didn’t do any in April:

(Teaching+1, 3v3=3), Sorcery 6, 5v8=1/6 (by April 6th)
(Teaching+1, 3v3=3), Stealth 4, 5v6=1 +3 previous, skill raised (by April 10th)
(Teaching+1, 3v3=2), Teaching 4, 3v7=1 +2 previous = 3/4 (by April 14th)

(Teaching+1, 3v4=2), Teaching 3, 3v6=1/3 (by April 3rd)
(Teaching+1, 3v4=3), IT 4, 5v6=2 +2 previous, skill raised (by April 7th)

Faction Advancement

As a tiny R1 Faction, our options on Faction Layer are limited: no matter what we do, we can only roll 1 dice, which means everything we want to do, takes forever. Well, we’re just three people who have limited number of hours in their life. But, with this new-found ally (at Fam 6) gifting us 16 points of Payout, we can quickly pull off a short Structured Campaign to raise our Faction to R2!

Upgrading a Faction is not really that complicated: one needs to run a Structured Campaign with Payout equal to new Rating x10 (no skipping steps allowed!) and succeed at one of the other deeds – similarly to Career Advancement. In this case, we’ll mark the ‘spend (5 x New Rating) Influence’ deed – we’ll spend 10 points of our general-use influence that we’ve collected through Rep and finished Scenarios.

If we assume that Delta Labs are running this whole thing as one big project (because why not), using all their Scientific Assets, they’ll collect 16 marks reasonably quickly: rolling 3v3=2+2+3+2+3+1+3, they’re done in a week (by April 10th), which raises Familiarity to 7. They score no net marks, but I still rolled a 10, so they end up with a positive consequence of magnitude +2 = 18. However, the consequences are for them, not for us, and they involve contact ratings that we don’t track, so we can skip it. In any case, this means that on April 10th, our Faction Advancement Campaign gets 16/20 Payouts!

This means we need 4 more, and I’d like to make it into a thing. This is obviously going to be a very easy Scenario.

First, we give the girls some days off (4th and 5th for Chloe and Tonight, 4th for Tomorrow – she had a day off on April 2nd). On April 5th, we’ll put her in contact with Doc Harmon’s friends, cash in on Tomorrow’s Income Scenario (let’s sell those magical security skills!), then run a Scenario for them!

A Faction with a MedBay and an Augmentation Center could use a mage, and Tomorrow could use learning some healing magic (which I’m gonna run through the Biotech skill – it’s all Logic-based anyway). Tonight and Chloe also wouldn’t regret picking up some first aid, but one is in hiding and we won’t be dragging her out of it, and the other is an ally spirit and Tomorrow tries to keep her existence under the wraps. Healing might be important, though: so far, we manage to avoid getting hurt, but if our enemies suddenly decide to look in our direction… well.


R2 Crew: 2 dice, 2 skill, 2 Resistance, 2 Clout, 1 soak, 1 automark. Scenario Payout 3.

Legwork: 2v4=1 + 1 +1 automarks, 0 net.
Threat Rating: 3v7 = 1 (-1 soak) = 0. 3v7 = 1 (-1 soak) = 0. TR 0-0 = 0
Challenge: Payout + 0 = 3.

We’re rolling 2 v 6 – 2 (skill) + 3 (Payout Resistance) – 2 (Clout) = 2v5, and start with 1 automark. Scenario rolls 3 v 6 -1 (number of Actors) + 2 (Resistance) = 3v7, and gets hit with 1 points of Soak each interval.

T1: Offense: 2v5=2 + 1 automarks = 3. MT 3/3. Defense: 3v7=1 -1 soak = 0. MT 3/3

Offense wins, with 0 net marks. Completed by April 5th. We score 3 Payouts worth of Cash and add +3 to Tomorrow’s Rep counter.

Consequences: median roll 5, no consequences.

Now, we need to score 4 more Payouts to upgrade our Faction, then pay 10 Influence, and run the Finale. This will be a Scenario with Payout 4, then, taking Tomorrow 4 days to prepare (see why I want to upgrade a Faction? So I can roll 2 dice instead of one on those things!) This means that it’s ready by April 9th, with legwork done on April 10th, and the Scenario on April 11th. Then, we can run a quick Structured Campaign Finale, upgrade our Faction to R2, and be done with it by the time d’Venescu and Aztechnology start pulling out the bigger guns.

Tomorrow needs a break from all this murdering and mind control, okay? This is not supposed to be a story about her becoming the next Big Bad Evil Bird. I’ll generate and play the Scenario in detail, because I need to learn skills, but the risk is negligible and the Payout way below what the character can do. We don’t have to go all-in all the time, right?

Scenario 017: For Better Tomorrow

Between the creation of this Scenario, legwork, and playing it, this all takes 6 days. I am going to treat it as a Scenario that just stretches over those six days, as this makes much more sense narratively. Specifically, I want her to have fun – while she picks up basics of Biotech, Cybertech, Remote Control, and Robotics, maybe with a dash of Sciences. ‘Getting her sister back’ and ‘destroying d’Venescu’ aside, this is exactly the kind of things she’d like to be doing: finding useful application of her magical talents, developing herself, pushing the needle as far as scientific progress is concerned. She’s a scientist, not an assassin. Or at least, she’d like to.

Scenario Generation

Payout: 4 (towards upgrading the Faction)
Legwork: Sorcery, 5v1=5, 1 net
Threat Rating: 4v5=2. TR = 1-1 = 0
Scenario Rating: 4. Default Actors R2.

Free Modules: 4 + 4 Passages
Free Scenes: 4
Build Points: 4

Mechanically, this will be just a bunch of Offense Scenes + Finale, because I honestly don’t care much. I’ll throw the BPs to increase Ratings of Actors to R3 across the board. This is fully a Scientific Scenario, nobody’s gonna shoot (probably, there are always Scenario complications), and the Finale gets 4 points of Resistance. This is all just an excuse for skills and feel-good thoughts in my head. I’m not going to write the narrative, because I have a ton of work, but just imagine an overexcited grad student who got to play with all the high-tech toys of the local lab or a museum of science. And spend many, many hours arguing with other scientists about mixing magic and technology. Best time of her life, basically.


T1: Module 1. R3 Scientific/Social, Balanced Offense. MT 4.
Scenario complications: 4v5=3/4

Tomorrow: Sciences+1, 5v4=4 towards MT. Biotech+1, 5v7=3 towards MT
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT. 3v3=3 against MT
MT 1/4.

Scenario complications: 4v5=3 = 6/4, 2 net. 3-2=1, negative complications with magnitude 6. The Offense Actors suffer a weapon glitch. Add Resistance equal to magnitude to all the Warfare Actions they attempt for the rest of the Scenario. Attempts at alerting others or communicating using comms become a Main Task with Challenge equal to magnitude.

Ha, called it. I’m a prophet after all. Anyway, as we don’t use Warfare approach, we don’t care about it at all. Let’s carry on with Science!

Tomorrow: Sorcery+1, 5v1=5 towards MT. Diplomacy+1, 4v4=2 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT.
MT 5/4 -> Offense wins.

As the Scenario complications already kicked in, we don’t care about intervals and passages anymore. We also don’t care about Morale Pools – each Module is basically a day or two, so I’m just treating Conservative Actors as using 1 action/turn, Balanced using 2, then 1, and Aggressive using 2 actions/turn.

Module 2: R3 Scientific/Technical, Balanced Defense. MT 4.

Tomorrow: Sciences+1, 5v3=3 towards MT. Robotics+1, 5v6=2 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT. 3v3=3 against MT.
MT -1/4 => flipped to Defense!

Ex-Defense: 3v4=2 towards MT.
Tomorrow: Sorcery+1, 5v1=5 against MT. Remote Control+1, 4v6=1 against MT.
MT -3/4 => flipped to Offense!

Tomorrow: Cybertech+1, 5v6=2 towards MT. Engineering+1, 5v6=2 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT. 3v3=2 against MT.
MT 2/4

Tomorrow: Conjuring+1, 5v6=4 towards MT. Maneuver+1, 4v6=1 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT.
MT 4/4 -> Offense wins!

Module 3: R3 Scientific/Creative, Conservative Control. MT 4.

Tomorrow: Sciences+1, 5v3=4 towards MT. Artistry+1, 4v6=3 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=3 against MT.
MT 4/4 -> Offense wins!

Module 4, Finale! R3 Scientific/Creative, Conservative Offense. Finale gets 4 points of Resistance +1 for 1 Actor attempting it. 2 Clout from Driven (this is exactly what Tomorrow would like to do with her life) apply to everything, extra 2 Clout for Magician-y things.

Tomorrow: IT+1, 5v8=1 towards MT. Sorcery+1, 5v1=5 towards MT.
Defense: 3v3=1 against MT.
MT 5/4 -> Offense wins, with 1 net mark.

Wrapping up

Payout: 4 (towards upgrading the Faction)
Rep: +4
Familiarity: Delta Labs, +1 (up to 8).
Skill learning: Sciences +3, Biotech +1, Sorcery +3, Diplomacy +1, Robotics +1, Remote Control +1, Cybertech +1, Engineering +1, Conjuring +1, Maneuver +1, Artistry +1, IT +1
Scenario consequences: 5+1 = 6, no consequences.

Faction Upgrade!

By April 11th, we’ve collected 20 points of Payout towards our Faction Advancement Structured Campaign! Now, we just need to run the Finale with Payout equal to the total number or Projects/Scenarios undertaken (2) – we prepare this project in 2 days (by April 13th), then run legwork and the Scenario through shorthand (by April 15th). Then we pay 10 points of Influence and check off that deed.

R2 Crew: 2 dice, 2 skill, 2 Resistance, 2 Clout, 1 soak, 1 automark. Scenario Payout 2.

Legwork: 2v4=1 +1 automarks, 0 net.
Threat Rating: 2v7 = 1 (-1 soak) = 0. TR 0-0 = 0
Challenge: Payout + 0 = 2.

We’re rolling 2 v 6 – 2 (skill) + 2 (Payout Resistance) – 2 (Clout) = 2v4, and start with 1 automark. Scenario rolls 2 v 6 -1 (number of Actors) + 2 (Resistance) = 3v7, and gets hit with 1 points of Soak each interval.

T1: Offense: 2v4=2 + 1 automarks = 3. MT 3/2. Defense: 2v7=2 -1 soak = 1. MT 2/2

Offense wins, with 0 net marks. Completed by April 5th. We score 3 Payouts worth of Cash and add +3 to Tomorrow’s Rep counter.
Consequences: median roll 5, no consequences.

And boom! On April 15th, our Faction grows to R2 (Scientific/Other), meaning we’ll have double the dice on stuff! :3

Coming Up

In the next episode, we’ll take care of what Tonight and Chloe were doing after the Honeypot Scenario – and we’ll finally finish the first stage of our campaign against d’Venescu!

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